We stand as the Canadian Ecclisia National Prayer and Fasting…

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We stand as the Canadian Ecclisia National Prayer and Fasting
Regiment contending for breakthrough, freedom, justice, life and revival in Canada from east to west, north to south. Young to old.
We decree and declare Rightousness shall prevail in the Federal Government and all corruption and corrupt members be exposed and removed from their positions.
May the fear of the Lord be upon them.
We pray that every evil, corrupted member of parliament be exposed and brought to justice and removed from their positions.
We decree and declare each and every treasonous offender be removed quickly, and soundly from positions of power where there have functioned above the rule of law.
We declare and decree that any and all leaders involved in child and human trafficking but exposed and brought to justice and removed from office immediately.
We decree and declare that any and all plans for any fraudulent practices in Canadian elections be easily exposed and brought to justice.
We continue to decree and declare what ever has to be shaken and removed will be done.
We call forth our Cyprus leader to come forth in Canada, who is strong and mighty of great courage to lead Canada into her destiny. Exposing and Tearing down every evil structure that stands in the way.
We call for Righteous leaders to be brought forward to lead at this great time.
We declare and decree victory for Canada,
And that we would fulfill our destiny as a Nation.
God bless Canada and release the refining Fire of God into each Member of Parliament, and each one considering running ! Get them ready.
Father stir them up like never before in Jesus name.
Father have your way in Canada !