We can go anywhere from here. When we come to…

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We can go anywhere from here.
When we come to the end of ourselves. When we hit the end of all false identity, and places of false motivation & security out side of the Love of God. When we come into the fullness of Gods Love for us. When we come into a place where we know we can trust Him. That is the place, the painful turning point where we have nothing else but Him. It is out of the empty place, that we can now go anywhere from here.
We as a Nation are quickly coming to this place. And from this place will flow a revival like we have never seen before.
He will take us out of our brokenness and pain into the best years of our lives.
It is our greatest desire to come into the experiential knowledge of the love of God.
May we have grace for one another along the journey. If you have not tasted of this yet, I pray that you soon will. You will never be the same.
Sincerely Submitted
Barry Wunsch