Warning to Shepherds and Leaders, December 6, 2023

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Part 1
Warning to Shepherds and Leaders
December 6, 2023
I share this word with fear and trembling. I share it in obedience, just as it came over the past few days, and strongly tonight as I can’t sleep under it’s weight and counting the cost that comes with it. Let him who has ears hear.
Respectfully submitted
Barry Wunsch
Warning to Shepherds and leaders.
There is a shake down that has been coming, that is now upon us.
There have been signs and ample warnings.
But now there shall be consequences,
not by the hand of man – but the hand of God.
‘For you thought you could handle it your way and avoid My Kingdom ways.
You thought you were scott free, as if I was unaware of your actions and behaviors.
There shall be no more hiding what has been done or what is going on.
In my Love I am bringing it into the light!
There have been a few back-room discussions.
You have tried to make deals to appease, control and hide the truth.
There have been denials.
There have been smoke and mirrors.
There has been avoidance.
There have been blatant lies and slander.
There has been manipulation and exploitation.
There has been deception, stealing and lying.
There has been darkness masquerading as light.
There have been rejections, underhanded dismissals and removals leaving many questions in its wake.
And there has been great hurt and pain inflicted upon My children.
There have been many hurt, and taken out.
But things will not be hidden any longer.
The shaking that is hitting the church shall be much rougher than you ever imagined.
For has it not been said judgement starts in My House?
For I have called you to be a bride without spot or wrinkle!
And that you shall be, for I am calling you higher!
Embrace My Fire in this hour – and let me burn the things away that hinder you, so that you can in fact carry My Glory.
For it is My hearts greatest desire to bring healing and restoration to everyone!
Consider your ways – examine your hearts – and repent where repentance is due – and equally be quick to forgive as to not be bound in a spiritual prison of unforgiveness!
For where there is unity there shall flow My Blessings and My power, signs and wonders!
Hasten your step. Don’t wait another day!”
The choice is yours – it is really up to you.
For you shall move at the speed of your obedience and humility!
Holy is the word of the Lord
Respectfully submitted
Barry Wunsch
Part 2
Prophetic Encounter:
Warning for Shepherds & Leaders – Is it your altar? Or Mine?
September 16, 2022, 3:33 am
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
I had a supernatural dream and encounter where I was taken into a church I know, and into a board meeting.
But it was more of a business meeting to run the show, than to care for people and shepherd them the way it was supposed to be.
Jesus walked into the room, and cut through the plastic to the heart in a moment not mincing words.
He did not say much. But what He did say was very pointed, undergirded with love.
Is it your altar? Or mine?
Is it your church? Or mine?
Did you lay down your life and shed your blood for my children and their redemption?
They are my children. Not yours.
Have you forgotten where you came from?
You permit and insist on playing dirty hurtful political games?
Jealousy, envy, gossip and backbiting abounding over them and behind them, backstabbing and
inflicting those I brought for you to care for and to shepherd.
Why do you use them like a commodity to build your own kingdom?
You get close enough to get your hands in their pockets to build your own kingdom.
You grease them with fake words of affection to get them to perform for you.
You run from accountability. Out the side door at the end of the show so they can’t get close. Hiding away in silos, not as the family I have called you to be.
You don’t have boundaries, you have walls.
There is no love in that.
Why is it a one-way street only going your way? Holding your distance with intentions.
Why are you hurting the very ones that you have been entrusted to care for?
Shredding and rejecting them with your words, actions and apathetic indifference.
Carefully consider your ways.
Carefully weigh your accounts and actions.
If you are stubborn and continue in your ways, you will have no fire on your altar, and your favor shall be diminished, and you will be like a barren woman and what you have will be taken away as swiftly as it came.
So, listen closely on this day, and hear my word and weigh it before me and your flock.
Render your heart before me today and hear my plea, turn back to me and my ways for there will be a great reward, or a great price to be paid.
For I have called you for far more than this, do you not perceive it?
You have asked for my Fire, and it surely is here, to burn away everything that impairs you from coming into your destiny.
The choice is yours.
Holy is the word of the Lord
God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Most sincerely Barry Wunsch
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Red Deer, Alberta
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