*** Urgent Prophetic Word *** Monday October 16, 2023 Respectfully…

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*** Urgent Prophetic Word ***
Monday October 16, 2023
Respectfully submitted
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

Part 1 of 2
On October 1, 2023 Holy Spirit woke me through the night and spoke to me. Here is what He said:

“Barry, tell my people that this is a new year that they will forget not!
The war they are unfolding is as staged as it gets!
They have had their plans in place for millennia, yet they do not realize what they are up against.
Nor did they consider the consequences of what they have started.”

Part 2 of 2
Monday October 16, 2023
I was up praying through the night and felt something percolating in the spirit during intercession. As I spent time through the day the Lord spoke to me, and gave me this word for immediate release.
So, here it is, as raw as it gets.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

“Barry tell my people things are being staged to roll out across the nations in this very hour.
Let it be known that there is nothing going on of which I am not aware!
There is a storm coming quickly across the land, and there is nothing that can stop it.
You will watch and see powers and principalities taken out around you by the power of my name – for I am the Lord of Hosts.
For who set the boundaries of the oceans and seas?
For that was me!
Who was it that set the mountains on their foundations?
That was done by none other than I!
Who divided the day and the night and put the sun moon and stars in place?
Again – that was done by Me!
And who gives life, and who can take it away?
For again it is I!
And who knows all the days of your life and knows the number of hair on your head?
No one but I!
There is no enemy that has power over me!
There are those evil ones, rulers and regimes that run from My name and my kingdom – truth righteousness and justice to follow the evil demonic plans of the enemy that brings death and leaves destruction in their wake.
They will stop at nothing to fight against My Kingdom, and my dearest children brings destruction and oppression in every way.
Let me be clear, let me be straight-
hear my word on this day:
I will not be defeated, I will not back down. I will not back up. I will not relent. I will not enter a false peace treaty with the enemy.
I will not tolerate this oppression and destruction upon on my people.
I have come to destroy the works of the enemy and destroy it I shall!
The storm that is about to hit shall shake the Nations!

Do not be shocked, do not be surprised when you see things flare in your midst!
For the enemy has planned ahead and planted those among you to cause havoc and chaos from with in your borders.
For they are on the enemies payroll and are on standby in this hour.
Fast and pray with me as I shall expose each and every one involved on every level and bring justice to the Nations.
The enemy shall be flushed out for all to see!

There will be not one who is not impacted!
It shall shake people out of darkness into my light!
It shall shake down everything as you have known it!
You will see the greatest awakening you have ever seen!
You shall see Nations saved in a day!
For I am positioning those in this hour to rule and reign with me as the manifest son’s of God!
Search and prepare your hearts for the days ahead and draw yourself unto me as never before as the best days are ahead!”
Holy is the word of the Lord

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, love and support. May God Richly Bless you all!

Barry Wunsch
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Red Deer, Alberta
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