Urgent: Prophetic Word for America Prepare for Impact January 6,…

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Urgent: Prophetic Word for America
Prepare for Impact
January 6, 2022, 3:45 am
Respectfully Submitted, Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

Holy Spirit woke me up with a Fire burning in me this morning. As I spent time with Him, the fear of the Lord overcame me, and He began to speak to me. He released this word to me and was clear to release it immediately today. So, it is with fear and trembling and obedience to Him that I submit and release this word just as it came unto me.
Respectfully Submitted Barry Wunsch

Prophetic Word for America
Prepare for Impact

Barry, tell my people whom I have called by name that on this day everything changes.
You have cried out to me to cleanse the iniquity on the land. You have torn your garments grieving for the bloodshed in this nation.
You have appealed to me day and night for my Justice and Righteousness to be unleashed on your behalf.
You have summoned for my help, to move on your behalf and the behalf of the unborn and the children and future generations.
You have cried out to me in anguish day and night to expose, remove and extract those evil and corrupt who have opened the gates of hell into the Nation.
You have called on me to bring judgement upon those with blood on their hands.

Let me tell you this, incline your ear unto me on this day, harken to my word and hold fast to my promises.

For on this day, I am about to pivot, and most did not see it coming, nor are they prepared.
Hold fast unto me through the storm.
Do not let go through the chaos.
Gather one another and bear down together. It is not the time to isolate.
I will lead you; I will guide you and I will protect and give you the grace and strength to prevail.

The enemy shall unleash everything that they possibly can during this time. And it has to be so to expose the darkness and every evil agenda, leader, and organization for all to see.
It is not going to be pretty. War never is, and never will be.
This battle shall be fought on every front.

Sadly, there will be many casualties as they have resisted me, opposed me, and given themselves over freely to the enemy and demonic rulers.

Obama will be in the headlines. Truth is being released.
I am cutting the puppet strings he is pulling behind the scenes.
He shall no longer be able to rule from the back room thinking he is sheltered and hidden. Biden is an illustration. A front man. He is weaker than what they counted on using, and it is now coating them deeply. He is not working out as they planned. They are having to alter course.

They have plants in place to try and stop My justice, but they are going to be exposed and futile in their attempts to stop what I have coming.

They will not be able to pull the trigger and take out the leader I have in position. When they make their move, it will be evident my hand is upon him. For I have mighty men covering DJT and his family, his real team is covered. I have angelic hosts deployed on his behalf. I have Generals at their posts.

There are more with you than against you.
And my plans and my purposes shall prevail, and this great Nation shall fulfil her destiny.

You will see me release a strike against the enemy in such a way that it will destroy them.

America, you have never seen the likes of what is about to happen.
America you are the key to the Nations at this hour.

DJT you my son are called and released to move now and move swiftly with confidence that I am with you.

Old Glory shall be raised high and proud over this Nation once again.

I say unto you America the Beautiful,
Restore! Restore! Restore!
The light of my glory is being released upon you today!
Holy is the Word of the Lord

Respectfully Submitted
God Bless you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Most Sincerely,
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