Tsunami Dream. August 1. 2019 I had a dream that…

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Tsunami Dream. August 1. 2019
I had a dream that I was standing out on a sidewalk in front of our house. It was a warm beautiful day, crystal clear blue sky, not a cloud in the sky. As I was standing there, there was a small trickle of water starting to run through the gutter, I first thought someone was watering the lawn, but as I looked up the street it was quickly increasing, more water, more volume, soon sweeping the street, curb to curb and then 1, 2, 3 feet deep and quickly overtaking the streets, houses, vehicles and everything in its path. As I looked up, I saw in a distance a wall of water at least 20 stories tall and extended as far as I could see from the east to the west. I knew that it was from coast to coast across Canada.
Instantly I knew that this tsunami was literally moments away from hitting us hard. I knew that I had to go into the house to warn every one to evacuate. Get every one out right away. There was not even time to put on shoes, or take anything with us. I knew we needed to grab kayaks and anything that we could float on or ride this wave as it hit us. We had to ride the surf with great caution as of all the debris that was stirred up. No one was exempt. No one. Everything in our lives, homes, families and nation was going to be in upheaval and exposure. We were fighting for our lives. The wave hit, full of debris, muddy water, taking everything with it in its path. The ones that I was able to get out early made it riding the front of the wave, it was not easy to navigate but we did make it safely. I knew in my spirit that this was going to be awful for a time, and that so much that we have built in our lives and nation was going to be wiped out as we knew it. And that we would be rebuilding in a new way. Unified, healing together as families, communities, and a Nation.
So on this day, April 11, 2020, I Declare and Decree that we will ride this wave as it passes through Canada, that all that has to be reset, would be reset into Righteousness. We Declare and Decree Reset in our personal lives, Families, Religion, Government, Media, Commerce, Education, Media, Arts and Entertainment.
We declare and decree re-alignment over Canada with our Destiny purpose and calling.
We Declare and Decree the Gate Keepers would rise up to be all they are called to.
We call forth all those that are running and hiding, and we release hope, courage and a new resolve to press through and into their posts.
We break off all apathy, discouragement and unbelief and we release the Fire of God, once again from Coast to Coast.
Be of great courage, signs, wonders and miracles shall flow in Canada in unprecedented ways !
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Wunsch