The Oil Dream. Recommissioned Refinery and Pipeline Now is the…

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The Oil Dream.
Recommissioned Refinery and Pipeline
Now is the time.
April 20,2020.
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
I have been feeling stirred to share this for a while, but today was strongly provoked to share a dream I had January 21, 2018.
In this dream, I was taken into an abandoned Oil Refinery on the edge of a large city. It was in moth balls. As we drove into the refinery yard, the ground was soft and rutted up, so much so that I had to be careful as to where to drive as to not to get stuck or to get stuck in the ruts of others that had gone before us.
As I drove into the yard, and up to the refinery and tank farm, the tanks were huge, 200’ diameter, but instead of being spread over 20 acres, the tanks were stacked upon one another. 12 to 20 high. They were stacked up, kind of in tiers so much so that they looked like an old Church or Cathedral. They tanks were old, rusty and corroded and had not been maintained whatsoever. As I drove past this structure there was a five-story office building on the end that had been abandoned. There were a few people that had just arrived before us and were just turning on the lights, evaluating the situation and preparing to clean it up and get it recommissioned.
We were taken into the basement of the refinery, where there were only a handful of people there. It was painted the same as an old hospital, drab, dreary institutional colors. There were many big concrete pillars to work around that gave structure and could bear the weight of the tanks that were above. They were similar in design to a parkade.
A depressive atmosphere to be certain. There were some people that were there, and had been for a long time, they were thin, anemic looking and had no life in them. They were depressed, oppressed and over all very low.
We set up a table, and we loaded it with clothes of all sorts. As we met those that were there, we fitted them with new clothes and refreshed them with as much love as we could. They brightened up and were thankful. I knew that we were there early to help prepare for what was coming.
There was also a table of First Nations in the corner, they had a table set up as well and were handing out beautiful blankets (coverings) to those that needed them.
A 10-year-old boy came running into the basement all excited to see if we were ready to go! He was so full of excitement and enthusiasm. He was hungry and wanting to eat!
There was a cafeteria that had not been operating, but as this young man came, they opened-up the shutter and began serving again!
I knew that the big refinery tanks were FULL of Anointing Oil.
Year after year, Oil had been poured out, but it had been horded and not poured out and released as it was intended to be.
Each “Tank” was connected to each other, but the valves between them were SHUT. The Oil could not flow properly between them or allowed to flow out.
I saw the “TANKs” as denominations, movements and churches. Most acting independently and in their own interests, not that of the Kingdom in Unity.
I knew that there was more than enough Oil for Alberta, more than enough for Canada and we were called to be exporting it to the Nations!
May we walk in the unity that you have called us to as the body.
Just as Oil is refined in heat, fire and a bit of a process, so shall we be refined in the same way. The pressure and discomfort that many of us are going through is preparing us to carry the Anointing for these days. The family, financial, health relational issues that we are going through, that have us under extreme pressure, in the end will produce an anointing in us and through us. We will carry the Love of God, and we will see signs, wonders and miracles bringing life to the places that we occupy.
I saw a pipeline being built, it had a deep open trench excavation, pipe being lined up, aligned and welded together. Each stem of pipe seemed to represent people, and the importance of how we connect with each other so the Anointing oil can flow through us. Welding things together requires Fire, then they hammer off the flux from the weld and prove the weld to be strong. Strong enough to withstand the pressures when they come. Our relationships must be strong enough to with stand tough times. May we walk in love and grace as we are fitted one to another to be all that we are called to be so the Anointing oil can flow as it is made to.
How can we expect oil to flow in our nation if it is not flowing in the body of Christ?
It is time that we must deal with unresolved issues before we will have the equity to speak to the Nation and see the oil flow in and out of our nation.
We are in a new era. May we not do things like they have been done before out of presumption or habit. We are in a new era.
We ask for a new sound, new songs.
We don’t want to be like cookie cutters any longer.
We don’t want to be stuck in our old ways.
Forgive us where we abandoned our posts and callings.
Forgive us where we have lived compromised lives and have lived to satisfy our flesh.
Forgive us where we have operated in a religious spirit and not out of love.
Forgive us where we have been boring, predictable and disengaged.
Fit us with the mantles, callings and anointings that you have for us.
Bless the First Nations and release them into the places that you have for them. Raise them up.
We decree and declare over Canada that the Oil Shall Flow. We declare and Decree the Oil shall flow through the Church and our Nation bringing salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration from Coast to Coast and to other nations.
We declare and decree humility and righteousness to flow from coast to coast and across Families, Churches, Education, Governments, Media, Arts & Entertainment.
We declare and decree true unity to flow across Canada like we have never seen before.
We declare and decree a spirit of honor, a culture of honor to flow across our land.
We decree and declare prosperity, capital and resources to flow through our land for the purposes of God.
We declare and decree revival fire over the youth of Canada
We call the Ecclesia to rise up in Canada and take its place.
We declare and decree a reset across Canada for the purposes of God.
Psalm 133: 1-3
1 How good and pleasant it is
when God’s people live together in unity!
2 It is like precious oil poured on the head,
running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard,
down on the collar of his robe.
3 It is as if the dew of Hermon
were falling on Mount Zion.
For there the Lord bestows his blessing,
even life forevermore.
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch