The losses have been great among us. The last few…

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The losses have been great among us.
The last few months ( let alone hard years ) have been harder than most us have ever anticipated or dreamed of. Taking its toll on so many people, families, relationships, businesses and communities.
There is so much going on, pain and turbulence on every side, it is hard to avoid.Social Media flooded with pain, anger, frustration and fear. It gets to the best of us to some degree whether we think it does or not. Some hanging on by a thread.
I heard this song yesterday and have had it on repeat.
It gives the big picture. Puts things in perspective. Brings peace and hope.
A 5 Minute listen, may help you through today.
I pray that it will bless you as much as it has blessed me.
If you are struggling today, and need prayer let us know and we will pray for you. The Lord has a word for you today.
You are loved.