The Big Event A Prophetic Word / Encounter 12.21.2021, 11:22pm…

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The Big Event
A Prophetic Word / Encounter
12.21.2021, 11:22pm

All day today, I have been taken into the Spirit having glances at things going on. It was like watching a big screen open up in front of me as I went about my day.
It is with fear and trembling that I release what The Father showed me today. As I began to journal it out, Holy Spirit came upon me with a great weight and began to speak to me. To be honest, I wanted to run away and not do it. But He came close to me as He often does and settled my heart as He asked me to release it. And so being obedient to that, I am releasing it for you to intercede and weigh it accordingly. Interesting enough it was given on the first day of winter and longest night of the year.
Respectfully SubmittedBarry WunschI see armies gathering. Positioned to move. They have been bringing in equipment and resources on trucks and on trains. Even helicopters and airplanes. These are no small moves. Tensions escalating.

Russians. Chinese. Europe and the Middle East. Leaders gathering and planning together from these nations with evil intentions. Hong Kong is under the microscope, as is Europe, Africa and North America and the Middle East. The Pope and the Vatican have had a role to play and play it they have!

“Barry tell my people that there is a global event that is being planned to make things escalate. They are on the offense. They are going to take economies and Nations that are already unstable, and try to bring them to their knees and utter dependence and control. they are going to try to use the basics to eliminate food, water, shelter and power from their midst. Barry they have been conspiring together for some time. And soon they will start to make their moves.
Biden has fulfilled his duty in the United States. He is compromised the forces beyond measure and he is opened up infiltration for evil purposes, all done plainly in hidden site for the world watch. Biden is not in control and is not at the reins. Is it not obvious?
There are CCP agents infiltrated throughout the American systems. They have come in undercover moving slowly but diligently positioning themselves from within. It’s may appear that you are out numbered in the natural, but I assure you that there are more with you than you can see with your natural eye.
There are sorties being run in the night they are testing their systems and they are gathering Intel. They operate in darkness thinking perhaps that I am unaware. But there is nothing that they can do that will bring them a final victory. There shall be nothing that remains hidden from the light of my glory.
Bidens days are numbered as they have just used him like a pawn along with many others that will soon be brought to light and to Justice. For they have performed treasonous acts against America the Beautiful.
For there have been traps that have been set and nets that I am about to pull from the water with the catch for the world to see.
What you are about to see is not another false flag. But it is a strategic move intended to decimate the righteous and the just.
I have men and women who have laid down their lives at great risk of themselves and their families for what I’ve called them to do. I have positioned some of the best into places that are key not only in the United States of America but other great nations of the world. And as they work together in unity running deep and running silent they shall take out the targets that they’ve been assigned to.

So Barry tell my people do not be afraid. Do not walk in fear. Tell them to get their lives right with me for I’ve made a way for them to do so. Tell them that there is way out at my side. To those that heed my call I shall grant favor and protection over them. They shall be covered in the shadow of my wing and they shall have the resources to look after what they need to.

You will learn to know one another by my spirit. People are going to be forced to take a side and take a stand. There shall be no more sitting on the fence. There shall be no more saying this doesn’t affect me. For soon it will be evident that there will be no one who is not touched by what is about to unfold.
Come unto me, do not wait another day, do not put it off with any more excuses or you will end up paying the great price. Heade my word and find life and hope on this day!”
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer
God Bless you and your families!
God Bless America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
Hold the Line!