Teachers: Fresh Fire & Revelation is being released. Prophetic Word…

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Teachers: Fresh Fire & Revelation is being released.
Prophetic Word
June 8, 2021, 3:00 am
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

Barry, tell my people that they have entered into the greatest harvest that has ever been.

I am releasing my Holy Fire and Glory upon the earth.
There shall not be one nation left untouched.
For my people have been repressed for too long.
I am coming on the earth with a vengeance like you have never seen.
Some will say it is the great and terrible day of the Lord.
But it is not the end of the age as many may presume.

I have dealt with my prophets.
Yes, and now I tell you, that I am going to deal with my teachers.
For far too long my teachers many of you have not revered my name.
You have not beheld the fear of the Lord. And I say to you my teachers that in this hour I am bringing a refining fire upon you. Do you think you have prepared my people for these days?

My teachers be aware that the same measure that you have used on others will be used on you.

I will silence the voice of many in this hour. No longer will you be able to fake it. Without intimacy with me, without my love and my heart for my people your words are like dust.

My word is not made to be used as a sword to hurt one another!

The stubborn and stiff necked I will resist.

My beloved teachers, I am calling you back to your first love. And as you lay down your pride and your arrogance and self-serving ways, I promise you the greatest revelation is going to be opened up to you.

For those of you who repent, and turn your heart back fully unto me, I will give you scrolls to eat and fresh bread to feed my sheep.

Do not be presumptuous that you know it all, for my ways are much higher than your ways. I have revelation yet to be released.

The time has come where I will deal with those that divide my body.

Those that bring division will be brought to the light swiftly.

No more shall you divide my bride.

I am releasing a new breed of teacher in this hour.

I am opening up the eyes of understanding and wisdom in this hour to ancient truth established before the beginning of time.

Once again will my teachers flow with my prophets, not against them.
I am shaking out the places of offence among you, this has to come to an end my beloved if you want to fulfill my great commission.

So on this day, I implore you my beloved to come unto me once again, with open hearts to receive all that I have for you. I will redeem, and restore all the enemy has used among you, and I will fill your mouth with what you need to feed my sheep. I am releasing a fresh and Holy Fire upon my teachers in this hour and will burn away every man-made theology.

If your word is not seasoned in love, brokenness, and humility it is a resounding gong and means nothing, it will in fact do more harm than good.

It is time to return to my ancient paths.

As you do, you will see fruit come to bear quickly, what you expected to take years will take place rapidly.

This is my day of acceleration, and I am restoring all upon the earth for my Glory and I will stop at nothing to bring it to pass.

My teachers, heed my living word unto you on this day and you will gather this great harvest together with me as I have called you and created you for this great hour that is upon the earth.

You will never be the same again.