### Taking a Risk. Sharing my Heart in Love ###…

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### Taking a Risk. Sharing my Heart in Love ###

Is it really honor to not talk about hard issues ? Or is it codependent ?
Whether it is family, friends, colleagues or close invested relationships, there are times we must have uncomfortable conversations to bring healing and unity.

Those that are hurt often are looked at as if they are to sensitive, or making a big deal about it. But if they are hurt, they need to be acknowledged and talked to and heard, right or wrong.

Often they can be looked at as unsubmissive and rebellious. This can be true, but not always. Regardless, if we truly want healing amongst us, why are we afraid to go there ?

Parents, leaders, and authoritys will often feel attacked when issues are addressed.

Accused of being controlling, abusive and dictatorial. Again, it may or may not be true. They are on the firing line, and they usually see more than those they are leading and have to walk in wisdom and sensitivity to delicate issues at times.
Regardless, may we have grace to walk in such a high calling, loving and leading those we entrusted to.

Fear to say anything and address issues can present a risk to be further hurt and rejected, however unresolved it on intensifies the hurt but in a hidden unhealthy way.

So often we try “Just not to talk about it” even though everyone is well aware it is there in the midst.

Not to discuss it in a safe environment is worse in the long run, leaving a foothold for the enemy with resentment, accusations, anger, fear and all matter of divisiveness.

It is only more corrosive not to deal with it.

The stress that can come with it can trigger old unresolved hurts. Just like PTSD. Fight or flight.
Those who have not grown up in a healthy loving home and family will want to run. Self preservation, never to be seen again. And we wonder why, nothing is said, with them just withdrawing or putting up walls.
Leaving unresolved pain and questions to the rest of the family, workplace or organization. All knowing something is up, all afraid to talk about it. Causing some to vent and gossip in an unhealthy way thinking it is the only way to get it out. No matter what, we all end up affected, bearing the weight of the brokenness some knowingly, some unknowingly.
So I pray that we can grow in the culture of honor, and what that really looks like. A people mature enough, loving enough, forgiving enough, humble enough, with courage enough to go deeper in love, Restoration and Reconciliation, true healing and deliverance.
If we think we can bypass this in our character development we are sadly mistaken.
It is said that they will know us by our love. I pray it would be so. The walls have to come down for true authentic relationships among us. Relationships are only as deep as they are open. So may we be a people to learn to move forward in a healthy way walking in true love, honor, and respect for one another. May God help us, and have mercy, and as we humble ourselves and pray, heal our land.
He loves us too much not to draw us closer !
Shared with love.
Barry Wunsch

We’ve got this!
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