Religion Lied to Us. God is not ANGRY with us.…

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Religion Lied to Us.
God is not ANGRY with us.
He is not DISAPOINTED with us.
He is not PUNISHING us.
He is not waiting to BEAT on us for our mistakes.
He didn’t come for the healthy or well behaved.
He came for the Alcoholic looking for that next drink.
He came for the Drug Addict looking for the next hit.
He came for the Sex Porn Addict looking to reduce the pain.
He came for the Abused.
He came for the Grieving and Sorrowful.
He came for the Hurting and Broken.
He came for the Rejected.
He came for the Orphan.
He came for the Poor and Needy.
No need to hide from Him. He knows all the secrets.
He knows the pain.
There is no where that you can hide from His Love.
He came to Heal you.
In our raw ugly mess He Loves us.
He came to reveal our WORTH !
We are LOVED.
He will hear the whimper and cry of our broken and hurting hearts.
It doesn’t even have to be a sterile religious prayer.
He sees us today, knows where we are at and longs to hold us close and restore us.
My the raw Love of God apprehend us and heal us, and may we come to know His True Nature….