Rejection. Painful and destructive. Cuts us to the core of…

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Painful and destructive.
Cuts us to the core of our DNA.
Shredding lives apart by the seams.
Setting some back for weeks, months, years. Many never recover.
It is heartbreaking to see how many Prophetic Eagles have ran away and crawled into caves because of rejection and hurt.
The backbiting, untruths, gossip and attacks devouring so many around us over the years.
We have used our lips to eat one other up, when we should be loving, and building each other up in love.
We falsely think we need to boast in ourselves or perform to gain love and acceptance. We have thought we have to put another down to bolster our own frail self esteem.
May God forgive us for where we have hurt one another in our brokenness, self righteousness and our own pain.
God please have mercy and restore those who have been wounded, and niellated by hurtful words and actions.
I pray that you would restore them, heal relationships, bring healing and bring us together united again in grace and love.
May we take courage and forgive where we have been so deeply hurt. May we grow stronger together in love and change the world for the better around us.