Realignment for The Great Awakening The Church / Train Yard…

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Realignment for The Great Awakening
The Church / Train Yard
Oct 30.2020
Prophetic Encounter
I was shown a single set of railway tracks running through a narrow valley coming through the mountains. it was dense bush, and seemed to be in a remote area, the tracks curved back and forth following the rugged terrain. As I watched the train slowing down all of a sudden there was a very large train switching yard. There was a lineman watching who was rolling in and when he identified them, he started throwing switches on the tracks, preparing them for realignment and thier assigned destinations. There were 50 sets of tracks, full of train cars. They were being shuffled back and forth, back and forth. Many cars were being disconnected and reassigned, some cars here and some cars there. The crashing was loud as new cars connected where they belong and were being put together for the assigned destination.
Some of these cars had been connected for decades and season past, but it was clear that this was a major reallingment.
Every train was very well planned, as to what order the cars were placed in.
There are many right now coming through long valleys and difficult times, not knowing what is around the bend. I want to encourage you that you are going to be ok, and that the painful days of crashing and pulling are going to be worth it and things will come together better than they were before. Many are coming out of years if not decades of the familair, predictable cycles. God is realigning many in His body now for the days ahead. Where there was much effort for little fruit, we will see more fruit with less effort as we surrender our lives to the Father. Trains prophetically represent moves of the Holy Spirit, Moves of God so be prepared for great days ahead, it will be worth it all.
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Wunsch