Prophetic Word / Vision for New York March 16,2022 Respectfully…

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Prophetic Word / Vision for New York
March 16,2022
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

For several days I have been seeing a great storm hitting New York.
Winds, Rain, Waves, and flooding downtown and throughout the city.
Windows being torn off skyscrapers.
Power outage black outs.
The city was hit hard.
A storm with a higher calibre.
Never before had New York been hit like this.
I saw a city emerge in love and compassion, authentic love, and care far and wide.
Young and old, every tribe and tongue.
Walking in love and unity.

I saw a control room, where men used technology to bring on the storm.
They were caught red handed.
Charts and briefing notes in hand.
Labs and offices:
Environmental Engineering and Warfare.
It looked innocent enough, the deception had been thorough.
The devastation on the city was on every level.
I watched as skies cleared. Bluer than they ever had been.
The city returned with a new glory.
I watched as vibrant colorful light streamed from the spirit into the city’s core releasing new life, prosperity, innovation and creativity into every sector.
Building after building was touched by the Glory of God.
And it spread far and wide like fire blown by the wind until the city was engulfed!

New York! New York!
The big Apple of my eye!
There is nowhere like my New York!
New York oh how I love you.
You have lost your way New York,
you had to do it your way!
Now it is time to do it my way!
Your time has come New York!
Time to get things squared away!
So, let’s do some housecleaning together!
You were amazing before – just wait to see what we are going to do!
You will be the envy of the Nation.
They say it can’t be done, so New York let’s prove them wrong!
There is nothing that they can throw at you that will hold you down as you walk with me!
Holy is the word of the Lord

There will be a rebirth of this city!
And it will be more powerful than ever before.
The love and vibrancy coming is incredible!
As well there is a rebirthing in The Arts coming!
It will be from Broadway to a narrow way!
Holy Spirit is releasing a supernatural creativity!
Arts and entertainment will never be the same!
There is a new breed on the rise!
Bring on the Dance! Bring on the Music!
I declare and decree on with the show!
It will have global influence in a new and glorious way!