Prophetic Word: The Head of the snake is coming off!…

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Prophetic Word: The Head of the snake is coming off!
A white witch and her coven shall be removed!
**** Call to Prayer ****
The future of 45 depends upon it.
March 20,2022
3:00 am – 8:00 am
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

Early in the morning on March 20, Holy Spirit woke me up and I was quickly brought into intense prayer and intercession, there was a intensity and pressure I have never experienced before. This was a whole new level for me.

It is with fear and trembling as I once again release and share as Holy Spirit prompts. Please share as Holy Spirit leads.
Respectfully Submitted, Barry

Holy Spirit said “This is what Roger is feeling right now”
I knew that this is what Roger Stone was up against.

I could feel the pressure and wicked warfare and attack coming upon him.

The witchcraft upon him was over the top!

I had a pressure on my chest like it had a tank sitting on it. I sensed something trying to choke me out!

It was intense!

As Holy Spirit let me taste of this pressure, there was a while I thought I was going to crack.

I believe He showed me and let me experience a taste of it to get my attention and to show me what is going on and what Roger Stone, General Flynn and others are up against.

The intensity of this battle was so great I was not sure how they could endure it!

This was a place of identificational prayer and intercession that He took me into. I could feel the oppression and darkness that they were up against.

I came against it and I prayed until I felt a shift, a reprieve and as it did, Holy Spirit started showing me in an open vision what was going on. And He speaking to me.

He said loud and clear “New Orleans”

At that moment I was taken deep into the swamp, the water level was high. I was surrounded by trees with branches hanging low off the trees reducing visibility. Lots of the trees looked unhealthy and on the way out with disease.

There was a little shack sitting on stilts in the swamp, not that big, It had no door on it and no glass in the window openings. There was a little front porch that had no rail.

I then saw a boat slipping closer to the little shack, it slipped silently through the water and the hanging branches.

There was a man standing up in front of the boat and he had one foot on the bow and was looking for the best approach and way to navigate up to the shack, that man was Roger Stone.

There were others in the boat, I recognized them to be lawyers and military. They were all dressed in fatigues and were ready for anything. My sense was that General Flynn was also in the boat, but he did not stand out. The focus, the bravery, the humility and unity on this team was very evident.

They spoke to one another without words, they trusted each other and they all knew the job they had to do. I knew that the future of 45 depends upon it.

It was then when I saw a BIG snake come into the doorway of the little shack. It was coiled up and reared its head up into a striking position. It stood as tall at the door and was as thick as the body of a man. Its head was gold in color and then the face of the snake transformed into the face of HDRC!

It / She was angry. As quickly as the face transformed into HDRC it shifted back into the snake head.

Roger and the team had made their way around to the side of the shack, where she did not have good visibility.

They pulled up to the shack and Roger was stepping onto the porch of the shack, when she became impatient and tried to strike at Roger and the team. However in her mis judgement, she exposed herself and was in a position where they were quickly able to sever the head off of the snake.

As they did, there was an immediate shift in the atmosphere. Things began to lighten up!

Things were now going to clear up for the good and restoration of the Nation and Nations!

My sense was that what was being taken out also had ties to Ukraine.

The head is going to be coming off this evil. The Nations will celebrate.

Again I heard Holy Spirit say “There has been trap set, It is very well hidden deep in the swamp. Be careful of back Cajun waters. There is a viper about to strike. But will miss her mark. And then she will be exposed. She is venomous.

And you will cut off her head! For I have chosen you. You are the man for the job! (Roger Stone)

There could be no other.

There will be great peace when it is done. Peace will flood the land.

Others have wanted to take her out. But they were over compromised.

What they have used against you shall be their own peril.

Their venomous lies and deception from which you will heal shall be finished.

You will be able to once again breathe deeply of my peace.

C !

HDRC is her name!

A white witch and her coven shall be removed!

I am extracting them from the swamp! Before it is all drained!

They shall not occupy anymore!

They shall all pay their dues!

So stand strong and fearless!

Be of great cheer for your victory awaits!

As does mine!

You have nothing to fear as you remain in me.

You are very close.

You are within striking distance, she is in reach!

In her impatience she will make her move!

You have flushed her out.

It’s very close for all too see!

It will soon all unravel!

The turning point is soon at hand!

Trump shall arise!

Putin shall prevail!

It will turn around faster than they think!

Stay on course!

Do not falter or faint!

For even now I shall restore your faith,

and strengthen you!

We will do just fine together in the Battle!

Holy is the Word of the Lord.

As this word was given to me I was given an open vision where I saw HDRC. She was dressed as a white witch in the White House.

She was in a white room under a rotunda with marble floors. She was standing in a circle leading an evil ceremony with a group of 40 or so people. My impression was that these ceremonies were a regular thing for them to participate in.

I saw that these dark ceremonies have opened evil portals over the White House.

Just as prophetic warning have been given in days past as in Nineveh prayer and fasting turned a Nation, so is the call for the USA.

I believe that this is the time for concentrated, high level, strategic prayer and fasting among the Ecclesia. We are in a critical moment of history that can be shifted through prayer and fasting.

I have been sitting on this word as to how and when to release it in light of the sensitivity around it.

Holy Spirit woke me at 2:30 this morning and in no uncertain terms has led me to release it.

The fear of the Lord woke me, and He has instructed me to release this right away and said that He would blow upon it from there and bring next steps.

It was very sobering and He was not mincing His words with me.

So it is with fear and trembling that I release this tonight.

It is a time for prayer, and fasting. We cannot relent.

Please share this as you feel led.

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch
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