Prophetic Word: The First Nations are about to arise! April 1, 2024

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Prophetic Word: The First Nations are about to arise!
April 1, 2024
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
Creator, The God of all creation, The God of the Bible is going to move upon the First Nations bringing healing and unity throughout the Nation’s in a way we thought was not possible.
We truly will be one people, one blood, one Nation under God.
He is coming with visitations to tribal leaders, Chiefs and Clan Mothers to reveal Himself unto them, all religion aside. He is going to reveal Himself unto them only as He can.
The Sleeping Giant is about to arise!
Get ready for this mighty remnant to stand up and take their place!
For they are going to be entrusted with resources and innovation that shall change the world.
The chains and fetters that have bound them are being loosed even now.
Righteous leaders are being put in place to serve their people, no longer oppressing them, stealing from them, and abusing them. Such ones will and shall be removed and great shall be their anguish and sorrow.
The youth shall have angelic and Holy Spirit visitations and they shall be empowered as overcomers and end time harvesters. Woe to those who stand in their way!
A New Day is dawning upon the First Nations.
Let faith arise! Let hope arise and let the enemies be scattered!
Barry Wunsch