Prophetic Word, Pope Francis / NWO / Global Revival November…

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Prophetic Word, Pope Francis / NWO / Global Revival
November 29,2022, 5:55 am

This morning I woke out a dream at 5:55 am, here it is raw and uncut. Nothing added, nothing left out.
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

As soon as I awoke, Holy Spirit began to share with me.

“Barry, there has never been a pope like Pope Francis.
There have been some troublesome Popes, but never one like Pope Francis.
For he has made some clear choices, and is not who he appears to be, for his heart is far from me. Let it be known, that there shall be a great price to be paid for him in eternity.”

In the dream I was taken it to the spirit and into a sanctuary.
It was very, very big room.
Very ordinate.
It was vacant and dimly lit.
I knew that I was in the Vatican.
I saw some movement by the altar, and who was it but Pope Francis coming out of the shadows and back rooms from behind the Altar.
He was alone, no one taking care of him in that moment.
He had come out of a side door and was making his way down towards a side Ilse walking through the sanctuary towards the back to make an exit.
The Pope had a cold, lifeless expression on his face, looking like he was in a place of deep contemplation.
It was clear that he knew what he was doing, and clear that he had more that he was intended on doing.
I saw that he had two personas, one for the Catholic Church and another for the back rooms with the globalists. He masterfully was able to work them both congruently depending on the gatherings at hand.

I knew by the Spirit of God that he had just come out the shadows from signing agreements with other religious leaders from around the world, in order to establish one world religion.

As I watched the Pope leave that meeting of world religious leaders, he had a slow, contemplative saunter to his walk.

He had just completed one of the assignments given to him coming from the pit of hell itself.

I knew by the spirit that this was driven by evil demonic powers and principalities intent on bringing as much destruction as they possibly could to the Nations.

I was taken to an airport where I watched as the religious leaders boarded their planes and dispersed and all headed back home.

There was a somber feeling in the air as they had just signed away their lives, as well as the lives of millions of others.
Perhaps, many not realizing the full cost of what they just had just done, as they were so blinded by the anti Christ spirit.

By the Spirit of God, I knew that the Pope was now heading to another gathering to report on the task and duties at hand.
This gathering was expecting him.

This was the gathering was a table of NWO Cabal leaders.
And the Pope had a seat waiting for him.
He had a big role to play to merge this, to that.
This merge that I saw playing out before my eyes was clearly the merger and integration of one world religion and one world government.

As I spent time praying through the dream, the Lord dropped a word on me as follows:

“Barry let it be known that I am separating the sheep and the goats.

This is going to be painful and very uncomfortable for many.

Even though I have been clear since the beginning, and I have spoken of this over time, yet it will seem as a surprise to many.

Barry, tell my people to turn to the light and run to the light!

Let there be no darkness in you! Flee from it!

For what do light, and darkness have in common?

Barry, tell my people that the odds are not against me!

For there is no one greater than I!

For they can assemble as they wish.

For they can attempt to come against me, but they shall never prevail!

For every knee shall bow down before me in due time!

My people, do not be dismayed, do not be troubled, do not be afraid as they advance with their evil plots and plans, for they are nothing to me!

Watch as I take every move that they make to expose and root out every evil structure among you.

For I am breathing new life into my remnant in this hour to be bold and be of great courage!”
Holy is the word of the Lord

As I continued to pray and process through this, I was taken into an open vision by the spirit and flown over a map where I saw Nation after Nation in great turmoil and oppression.

As I passed over the Nations like a satellite pass, I saw Holy Spirit gatherings and fires being lit up across the Nations.

Some started very small, others larger.

They gathered on the streets, standing up against all evil and demonic oppression, standing up against evil regimes.

This was a time of global reformation.

I watched as the Spirit of God swept through these crowds and touched His people.

This was glorious as one after another simply surrendered to the Lord.

Mass salvations were ongoing!

As they gathered against injustice and oppression standing for freedom, hearts began to come alive to the Spirit of God and His call to freedom.

As these ones gathered in the public square and worshipped unto the Lord of Hosts the atmospheres opened up, and a displacement of the enemy took place.

Places that the enemy had occupied were being cleaned up, and Holy Spirit filled, cleansed, and rebirthed!

From the jungles in Asia, to the plains of Austria, to the mountains of south America, there was no place His mighty arm was too short to reach, there was not a Nation, City or place that was not going to be impacted as this turned over by The Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit then dropped another word on me as follows:

“Barry tell my remnant that now is the time to stand!
Now is the time to worship me like never before.
Now is the time to shout a victory cry!
Now is the time to stampede to the altar!
Now is the time to take your authority and push back the gates of hell!
Now is the time to raise your voice!
Now is the time to take your place!
For I have called you by name for such a time as this.
For I have called you to walk with me in this hour to be My Body to take back the land and everything there in!
For I have established my remnant for such a hour as this.
For I have empowered you by my Spirit to bring healing, deliverance, and freedom to my people.
For as you remain in me, I shall lead you, guide you, and make ways open up that are otherwise impossible!
I have given you supernatural access to all that you need in this hour!
I have given you supernatural favor to accomplish all that is before you!
Humility is a weapon and key to fulfilling your destiny!
But above all, love must prevail!
Immerse yourselves in my love and you will never be the same.
Become so infected with my love that no one is safe around you from receiving my touch!
For it is not my desire that anyone perish, but that all would come unto me, and unto eternal life and satisfy the deepest desires of their hearts.
For those that walk with me I will release supernatural signs, wonders and miracles in their midst.
The fields are white unto harvest, and now is the time to go!”
Holy is the word of the Lord

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, love and support. May God Richly Bless you all!

Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2M2

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