Prophetic Word Oh Canada, Oh Canada November 14,2020 Respectfully Submitted…

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Prophetic Word
Oh Canada, Oh Canada
November 14,2020
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
Oh Canada, Oh Canada,
How I have longed for you to return to me and walk with me.
I have heard your cry and you have captured my heart.
For I am yours, and you are mine, I have come to redeem you My Canada.
Canada, I have called you by name.
And you are mine.
I have numbered all your days since the beginning of time.
And your destiny will not be stolen from you.
I am breathing new life into you My Canada.
Canada, I am waking you up from your slumber.
Canadas First Nations, I call you forth as I awaken the sleeping giant.
Canada, you shall fulfill the call and the destiny I have given you.
I am coming to you Canada with Revival Fire, and there shall be nothing that will be able to hold it back.
As you turn to me with all your heart, I shall redeem you, I shall heal you, I shall restore all that the enemy has stolen from you.
I am coming with healing, righteousness and justice for you My Canada.
It is not my will that you perish but have everlasting abundant life.
Canada you to you are about to shift.
I am calling you higher. I am calling you into all that you were created to be.
Realms of authority are about to shift.
Realms of control are about to shift.
Religious climates are about to shift.
Family relationships are about to shift.
Economic climates are about to shift.
I have seen your oppression; I have seen your despair.
I have heard the cry of your heart.
I know the injustice that has been released over you.
I know the pain you have had to endure.
I know the divisions among you.
I know the enemies plots and schemes that are against you.
I know your pain I know your affliction.
My Canada there Is nothing that is too big for me do.
I know the deeds of every high place in this land.
I know all the plans and intentions of the highest offices in this land.
My Canada I have heard your cry.
My Canada your Government is going to shift.
Canada I am about to release a shaking, and, in its aftermath, it shall release a unity like no other.
I have created you and have called you to be a strong and mighty Nation.
I have called you to bring healing to the Nations.
I have called you to be restorers of the breach.
Therefor I am calling forward the remnant at this hour.
I am releasing a fresh fire upon you in this day.
I am going to restore justice and righteousness from sea to sea to sea.
I am going to displace every dark and oppressive spirit that has come to kill, steal and destroy.
My Canada, I am releasing unto you this day renewed Hope.
My Canada, I am releasing Angels that Gather over the land.
My Canada, I am releasing Governmental Angels into every office & administration from Sea to Sea to Sea during this hour.
There shall be no evil thing that can stand in the way or prevail against Me.
The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
My Canada, you are going to know me like you have never known me before.
My Canada, Oil is going to flow from coast to coast. Just as I have poured it out over you, it shall be released across Canada and furthermore will flow out to other Nations for my Glory.
My Canada, you shall walk in intimacy, confidence and humility with me in this hour.
My Canada I am releasing a new breed into the land today, fearless, loving and passionate ones who know me intimately. They are not driven by self-promotion, and personal agendas or brokenness, but they are driven by My Great love and the Power of The Holy Spirit and they will see a display of My Splendor, signs, wonders and miracles. I am releasing these burning ones across the land to take back all that the enemy has stolen!