Prophetic Word, North Korea November 24, 2022 4:44 am Respectfully…

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Prophetic Word, North Korea
November 24, 2022 4:44 am
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

I woke up this morning with a powerful jolt of electricity that hit me like lightning at 4:44 am and immediately, I heard the Lord say “Barry tell my people that they are going to be alright.
For have I not foretold them that there was coming a new era?
Behold my Glory as I prepare to pour it out all over the earth.
For you are in a moment in history where things shall pivot open right before you.
Those who were in disbelief will not be able to deny what is about to take place.
The big reveal is upon you.
It is not my will to pull you out of the battle now.
Do you think that I would pull out my people before the great harvest ahead?
Do you think I would walk away from the Harvest?
For there is a great darkness that covers the land and my people, My bride has been in a slumber, and it’s time to wake her up!
The harvest is ripe! I will not let it spoil.

Watch North Korea.
There is going to be a depth charge released that shall be the first of many.
(I was taken into the spirit overlooking an ocean with a underground explosion, on the surface it appeared that the area was the size of a great city.
The amount of force and energy that was released in that moment seemed greater than hundreds of bombs going off that had been detonated over the years.
I saw a map of the ocean and hovering over the water in big red bold letters it said North Korea. It was clearly indicating who was involved and responsible in this great underwater explosion and the consequences that would follow)

Tell my people Kim Jong-un is a wild card.
The enemy is holding his hand, and playing each one to bring the most evil destruction on my people.
Kim Jong-un is no exception.
There is nothing that he won’t do to satisfy his thirst for power.
Be prepared, for he is prepared to step out before the Nations.
He will make a move that he will deeply regret.
The enemy has played him like a violin.
The threats he has spoken of are about to be revealed.
Like many men there is a chink in his armour.
A place of vulnerability that shall be his downfall.
In his greatest move he shall slip and fall.
And as he does, I shall arise in the Nation
For I have a remnant people in North Korea.
For they are close to my heart.
And I cannot deny their cries.
For the cries of the underground church have filled the bowls of the prayers of my people.
North Korea you shall weather the storm!
North Korea I am calling you unto me!
For there is a revival fire that is being released upon your nation that you will carry to the nations.
Many will be sent out with imparting travailing prayer.
A special task force, Mighty and humble in heart.
For you know how to persevere and you know how to contend for breakthrough.
North Korea prepare to be transformed.
For I am no respecter of peoples, I will go over every wall.
Watch as I encounter your officials in the night.
Generals shall bow to my name.
There is no one safe from my visitation.
For I can transform a man in a moment with an encounter with my Spirit.
For I have placed those in the inner circle of your Nation North Korea whom are called by my name in this hour.
I have them hidden until the moment is right.
They shall be empowered by my Spirit with courage and wisdom for all that I have called them to do.
For they have laid down their lives as unto death for my kingdoms sake.

Barry tell my people that victory is for those who endure unto the end!
Barry, tell my people that they have to show up to the battle in order to win!
It is no longer life as you have known it, nor shall it ever be again.
For it is time for the slumbering Bride to awaken!
It is time for her to get on her feet!
The day of excuses is over.
So, watch and see as I reposition you from places of restriction and past assignments.
For I am reshuffling in ways that you did not expect.
You will not get things done if I did not.
The days of shallow fake relationships need to end.
For in order to walk as one, you have to get real.
Every mask must go.
Every personal agenda must be laid aside.
For this is about my Kingdom, and my Kingdom alone.
It belongs to no other.”
Holy is the word of the Lord.

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2M2

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