Prophetic Word July 21,2021 Barry tell my people do not…

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Prophetic Word
July 21,2021

Barry tell my people do not loose heart.

Do not give up, do not retreat.

My shaking will continue until everything is settled.

There are many that are still in disbelief.

They still have veils over their eyes.

There are many that think if they don’t look at it, it will just go away.

The truth of the matter is I will not stop the shaking until every heart has made a decision.

There is no escaping this one.

I am calling this Nation of the Republic of the United States of America into her end time destiny.

And she shall fulfill it!

She shall be stronger than ever.

I can bring change in a moment.

I can turn things on a dime.

You have not seen anything yet!

I am pruning my church and my body.

Places that have not produced good fruit shall be no more.

For in this hour, I have called you to greater things.

I am bringing a hunger for truth to this nation, and they will not stop until they have it.

It will be painful for many, as my truth floods the places of hidden darkness to bring healing and restoration. In the end those that humble themselves will be free!

I am bringing revival to the streets of this Nation.

I am releasing fresh fire of my spirit upon my people.

I am calling forth a new breed of evangelist.

They will know the intimacy and love of God, and they will walk in unprecedented sign wonders and miracles.

New churchs planted every day.

Tell my people they are so precious to me.

That they don’t have to run, they don’t have to hide, I see it all and I know it all already, there is nowhere you can hide from me.

The walls that you have put up to try to hold me out are nothing to me, and I am coming over them regardless of your fear, anxiety shame and guilt.

I am coming in my relentless love for you to heal deliver and restore you.

You think that you have gone too far and done too much to ever qualify for my love, that you have disqualified yourself from my love.

That is a lie.

There is nothing that is too great for me to forgive.

This Nation shall once again be well acquainted with the fear of the Lord, for it is the beginning of wisdom.

There are men trembling in this hour, hiding under their desks in their offices knowing what they have done is wrong. There are pastors, church leaders, businessmen, bureaucrats and political leaders on every level with sin and pain burning in them. Fear and uncertainty crushing them.

I have made a way out for you, it will not be easy, but I have made a way out for you, should you decide to choose it.

It will take repentance, it will take humility, it will take vulnerability and honesty. It will require an open heart and mind.

And as you turn to me with all of your heart, and in all of your ways, I will redeem, I will restore, I will heal and I will deliver.

You will see me work miracles and turn things all too good.

The choice is yours; the decision is yours.

It is up to you.

I just need your “yes” to turn to me and to follow me, and we will walk it out together.