Prophetic Word “I have not called you to play it…

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Prophetic Word
“I have not called you to play it safe”
March 13, 2021, 4:00 am
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
This morning Holy Spirit presence came on me with heavy fire. He said to me “Barry you were not my first choice.
I had others I had given my word to,
but compromise and sin got in their way.
Barry I’m going to take you into places where most of feared to go.”
Let me be clear, I am not without sin, and have many shortcomings and in fact have never been more broken than I am right now. I don’t understand how The Father uses the broken and weak vessels to bring His word.
It is with fear and trembling that I share what He gave me early this morning.
This is how it came, nothing more, nothing less. Nor is it embellished. Holy Spirit give us ears to hear what The Spirit is saying.
Sincerely Barry
Tell my people that they have been fickle and they have not stood as I have called them to stand. I am releasing a grassroots movement, a Remnant after my own heart with a passion and a desire that is greater than their own reputation within them to be released across the Nation. Sadly there will be many who are afraid to move ahead with Me into new wine skins. And much of what they’ve built over the years will be lost. Many Ministries have become idols to men and they have lost their first love. They go about their business and their meetings without Me. I am raising up a people that are tired of powerless meetings where My Presence is not there. When they realize that they did not recognize the day of my coming, when they recognize that they were afraid to lose their own reputations to follow me in obedience, when they realized that they missed their opportunity for Glory and Revival and the outpouring of my spirit there will be a cry on the altars in ashes and a tearing their garments. So now is the hour to turn your hearts unto Me like never before. Now is the time to turn your heart back to Me before you regret it. I have not called you to maintain your reputation but to lay down your life to follow me.I have not called you to play it safe, I have called you to a place of obedience. If you do not stand now, by a sin of omission there will be blood on your hands. I’ve called you to stand and fight for Righteousness and Justice and the life of the unborn, to stand for the weak and the weary and the underprivileged, but you have insisted on building your own houses and your own Ministries feeding your own egos. This must stop and come to an end.
For I have got a great harvest that I’m about to bring in. The great harvest of the millennium. So honestly, embrace the fire that I’m bringing to this land and turn your hearts back to Me and follow My lead.
I’m about to launch a great counter attack upon areas the enemy has stolen and tried to devastate, it is the greatest search and rescue mission that this nation has ever seen. My front lines will move forward with boldness and Truth opening up doors for secondary troops to do what they have to do, ministering healing and deliverance to the broken in the hurting. Evangelists are being called out and released!