Prophetic Word: I am repositioning many in this hour! March 27, 2024

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Prophetic Word: I am repositioning many in this hour!
March 27, 2024
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer
The Holy Spirit woke me early this morning and shred this with me.
“Barry, tell my people that I am repositioning many in this hour.
I am bringing them into position not only for what is ahead, but also for the other side of what is coming.
For I am releasing you, for there is a harvest coming in that you are called for!
Your old religious and political ways will no longer suffice, they in fact are dirty rags to me.
Walk with Me and let me bring you into your real identity putting striving and performance behind you.
Walk with me as I reveal my love to you and show you what it is like to just be my precious son and daughter.
For it is out of this place you will come into everything I have called you for.
There is no other way.
I am calling you out of comfortable and predictable boxes.
I am transplanting those among you who have grown root bound and are no longer growing or flourishing to new ground where you shall be planted by others who shall enhance your growth!
You shall flourish and flower again!
I am extracting those who are so dry in the desert, they are withering away to nothing.
I see you!
I will extract you and transplant you into an environment that will bring you back to life!
You will be stronger and more hearty, able to sustain anything that comes to you, and what you are called to do.
There will be others who shall stake themselves to you with me so they can grow healthy in loving community, no longer shall you be isolated!
I am breaking many out of glass boxes, glass structures where you were never created to be confined in, never allowed to come into the fullness of your giftings.
Frustrations will be a thing of the past.
I am removing you from these glass structures where there has been unjustified restrictions and spiritual abuse by insecure leaders, unreasonable control, unattainable measures all intended to hold you back.
I will heal and restore all!
You shall come into true relationship with healthy and whole loving spiritual Mothers and Fathers!
I am moving many away from dry wells into wells that flow with the fullness of my Spirit.
Behold me as never before.
Draw unto me in this hour, you are safe with me, I will never leave or abandon you!
I will place a ring on your finger, and all will know that you are mine!
Holy is the word of the Lord
Barry Wunsch