Prophetic Word for Quebec, Canada November 12, 2021 Respectfully Submitted,…

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Prophetic Word for Quebec, Canada
November 12, 2021
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch

Barry tell my people that I will never leave them, or abandon them. There are some dark days coming this winter, but do not loose heart.
For I am going to extract from my people every hinderance that has beset them. They will soon realize that they really don’t know me.
They may have walked with me, but most really don’t know me, but they are going to get to know me like never before!
My fire is going to fall in Montreal. There are burning ones hidden away. Tending the fire on the alter. I am about to release Supernatural Glory Fire upon Quebec. They have hit a tipping point. And I am going to pour it out upon them.
There is great repentance coming through this province. Canada will say ‘If it can happen in Quebec it can happen here!’
The passion and love I am releasing in Quebec shall burn through the land.
I am stirring up a boldness in my body.
They will turn the tables.
Forgiveness will flow province to province. Quebec you are a key to this Nation of Canada!
Your days of Independence are coming to an end.
No longer shall you hold the Nation ransom.
I am cutting away the rebellious roots from you Quebec!
I am healing all rejection, and breaking bitter root judgments in you!
I am coming with visitations that will turn men’s hearts back to me.
Quebec – as you turn your hearts unto me, I am going to release new favor upon you. I am going to open up natural resources that you knew not. Get ready for a boom! You will be givers! Not only to Canada but to the Nations!
Quebec I am tearing down your strongholds!
Prepare for revival! Prepare for Fire!
Prepare for my presence!
It will expose the evil infiltrators and will drive them out! No longer shall they use their witchcraft to control you!
Thier day is done!
Quebec I am taking back your land!
Stand up, my precious Quebec stand up and walk with me! These are not as days before!
For I am using these days of restrictions to birth a movement in this hour!
Quebec, my precious Quebec – draw close to my heart once again and I will renew you, I will refresh you, I will strengthen you, I will equip you, I will heal you, I will deliver you and I will launch you!
Quebec get ready! The show is about to begin!