Prophetic Word for Mexico / USA, November 30,2023

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Prophetic Word for Mexico / USA
November 30, 2023
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Wunsch

On November 21, 2023 Holy Spirit strongly put Mexico on my heart and began a stirring in my spirit. That stirring has been percolating every day since.
Tonight I was simply not able to sleep.
I put on some soaking worship music and as I prayed and entered into His presence the Lord gave the following word for Mexico and America the Beautiful.
Here it is, raw – hot off the press so to speak.

Barry, tell my people that I am about to do something new in Mexico.
For there is a people in Mexico called by my name to stand up!
They have been afraid.
They have been controlled.
Many have lost loved ones to the enemy.
The dark forces – ran by demonic powers and principalities have in turn controlled Perez and other political leaders in Mexico.
The time is here, the time is now for Mexico to come into all I have called her to be.
The time is now for these dark forces to be taken down.
The time is now for these dark forces to be taken out.
They have thought they were above the law.
They thought they owned the nation.
Controlling the highest offices in the nation.
That is, until now – for they are not above Me – the Lord God Almighty.
They do not and are not above me!
They certainly do not own Me!
It is time they are dealt with!
Watch as I deconstruct these enemy structures in Mexico!
Watch as I strip these ones from all power and influence in Mexico.
Watch as I render Justice in the land!
The trafficking through Mexico is, and shall be choked out by My Sovereign hand!
The human trafficking shall be stopped!
There shall be justice for every man, woman and child handled by the enemy!
It would have been better for a millstone to be tied around the necks of these dark forces and thrown into the sea than harm My children!
There have been deals, there have been pay offs between these dark forces and the evil Biden regime that shall soon come into the fullness of My light!
And, it shall cost them dearly!
For where they have opened the gates wide, pretending to look the other way – knowing what they are trying to hide in plain sight – they shall be hidden no more!
Let it be known – let me be clear – the border that has been breached – shall be once again made secure!
For I am moving in Mexico!
I am dealing with those who stand in the way!
I am dealing with these ones on both sides of the border!
Enough is enough!
I will turn wailing into revival.
I will turn travail into healing.
I will take anger and bitterness and turn it into repentance.
I will take fear and turn it into boldness!
For Mexico you are Mine!
I will not let you go!
Mexico – I have not turned my back on you!
Mexico – the time is now to dance with Me!
So, step into my arms and let Me lead!
For I will restore you Mexico!
Your shame and your guilt – has been redeemed by My Blood!
I will be right there with you picking up the pieces!
I will bring families back together!
I will bring children back into the loving arms of Mothers and Fathers.
You shall see my hand move in miraculous ways!
My arm is not to short to reach the gorilla forces once used by the enemy!
For I will turn them inside out and upside down and they shall know what to do and how to do turn the tables on the enemy with Me and recover ALL!
They shall be an unlikely key!
But a key they shall be in My hand as they turn to me – one by one!
They shall disavow pledges and oaths they made with those dark forces as they surrender their lives unto Me and My Kingdom!
Mexico – Mexico my precious jewel – your best and brightest days are ahead!
Holy is the Word of the Lord

Advance the Line

God bless you and your families!
God bless and protect Israel!
God bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
God bless America the Beautiful!

Barry Wunsch