Prophetic Word for Canada January 8, 2021 Respectfully Submitted Barry…

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Prophetic Word for Canada
January 8, 2021
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
Canada justice is coming as surely as the rising of a new dawn.
Canada I will not let your destiny be taken from you.
Have I not spoken and said that everything that can be shaken will be shaken?
Just as I have sifted the wheat out of the chaf so it is that I am sifting out the rightous and the justice from unrighteousness and Injustice out of your land.
Canada I have heard your prayers to expose the unrighteousness and the Injustice in the land and now the hour is upon us where I will now deal with what has been exposed just as I have separated the wheat from the chaff so it shall be that I shall deal with those that have brought evil and Injustice upon your land.
Oh Canada you are going to watch the nation’s eyes turn and gaze upon me once again just as in days of old.
Young and old from the East to the West from the North to the South shall be forced to examine their hearts before me, for I am drawing them in for it is harvest time within this nation of Canada!
Canada your deliverer has come to take out the enemies that have been set against you and all that has beset you in the days past.
I am preparing a people that will be prepared to carry the glory across this land.
I am calling my people to the streets of revival. You look at this as a period restriction and I am going to use it for expansion, for they have not come to you so I am sending you to them!
So hear my word on this day and prepare yourself to be released for the greatest expansion this nation has ever seen, trust me to lead you down these paths that are unknown to you, hold fast to my love for you and your love for one another, for yes I am taking you in to take back the land that the enemy has stolen.
Stay focused on me and do not be distracted by the things that the enemy will try to dissuade you or hold you back, for this is a new day, a new era and I am doing a new thing do you not perceive it?
Canada hold fast to Hope and do not let it go, for I shall move upon this land with greater measure than you could have ever imagined, and I’m calling you up to do it with you and through you!
Watch with me and be amazed as we arise and our enemies be scattered!
I want to encourage you today,
There are many in the body even on this day that have been resisting the Father as He is leading them.
They justify their resistance thinking that they are not fully qualified.
They justify their resistance thinking that you are in too big of a mess to be qualified.
You may justify your resistance and say it’s just to big for you.
But know this today that it is not about how good you are how strong you are how educated you are, it’s about your willingness to be a vessel for him. He is looking for willing vessels. And as you are willing he will fill you and he will flow through you for the day and the hour and the things that you’re called to. He is just looking for your ‘yes’
He will take your little yes and he will turn it into big big things.
There are also many today that are just stuck, blocked and they don’t know how to move forward. They are sick and tired of being where they are, but don’t know what to do about it. Discouragement, apathy, compromise and negativeity has tried to pull you under and take you out. You may feel like you were thrown overboard, no life jacket, and are tired of swimming. You don’t have much left in you, and you are tempted to give up.
I saw the father jumping in the water right there with you swimming to your side, grabbing you tightly to himself, rescuing you and bringing you to safety.
You are coming to know Him as your comforter, your Savior, and your closest friend. He is bringing you out of the hard hard places that you have been, and He is restoring you, healing you and setting you up to fulfill your destiny.
So if that is you today, open up your heart to Him and let Him fill you, refresh you, heal you and love on you.
He is faithful and will never let you go!