Prophetic Word for Australia & New Zealand Justice shall prevail…

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Prophetic Word for Australia & New Zealand
Justice shall prevail
January 8. 2022, 5:00 am
Respectfully Submitted Barry Wunsch

Barry tell my people in Australia and New Zealand that I am with them.

The “Royal Family” that has ruled over them shall be fully exposed and shall be brought to Justice.

They will be put to shame before the Nations.

They have ruled with pride and selfish ways through dark roots.

Watch as I reveal truth and justice for your liberty.

The inner and outer gaurds are going to cry like babies and sing like jail birds.

It is all being revealed.

The Monarchy has had its day.

They have been given opportunity to turn from their evil ways, but have chosen to satisfy the appetite in darkness.

Barry tell my people, Australia my Beloved, New Zealand my Gem that I am coming again through the grass roots. I am calling forward reformers and revivalists. They have been called, and are being commissioned in this hour.

This remnant has been hidden away as I have prepared them to stand and take their place. I am with them and will lead them in a path they know not.

I have qualified them by my Spirit.

You will recognize and know them by the Spirit.

There is evidence at hand, and it shall soon be released that will shake apart your parliament to the foundation.

I would not be so if I didn’t bring it to pass.

They will try to hold on with all they have, and by any means try to cover it up, they will run and hide with out success.

Some will turn them selves in. Some will fall on their sword. I am bringing this regiem to its end. Their day is done.

I am about to reshape you for my Glory.

New structure is being released to you.

Australia my Beloved, New Zealand my Gem your best days are yet to come.

Do not loose heart, do not give up by what meets the natural eye.

Stand strong in me, seek my face, fast and pray, and gather in unity. Hold fast to my truth and my word. Do not relinquish.

Let me fill you and refresh you once again, I assure you that you are not alone!

Australia my Beloved, New Zealand my Gem I have knit you together, are not two stronger than one! You will walk this path together as ordained since the beginning of time. What is in the past is under the blood, this is a new day! You are closer than sisters, and you will once again dance, sing and rejoice together. Arm in arm. Closer than ever. Victory shall be sweet as you overcome and rebuild together! Stronger than before! I work all things for good!

I have done it before, I shall do it again.

There is nothing to big for me!

Holy is the Word of the Lord

God Bless Australia the Beloved!
God Bless New Zealand the Gem!

Respectfully Submitted
God Bless you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Most Sincerely,
Barry Wunsch
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