Prophetic Encounter / Word for Canada You are a Sheep…

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Prophetic Encounter / Word for Canada
You are a Sheep Nation!
April 9, 2022
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

I was taken into a back room on parliament hill in Ottawa.
There was a group of UN white helmet leaders gathered behind closed doors in a briefing room.
They each had their role of oversight in a specific area.
They stood looking over a large table map of Canada.
Then I watched as JT was brought into the room.
He was led in blindfolded by a couple of his close advisors.

It became clear JT was not giving the briefing, but receiving one.
One by one each member of the UN gave their update and instructions as to what JT was to say or do.

Not everyone gave a briefing, but they air dropped data to one another sharing important data and strategic planning with one another.
They had a zoom type video feed into the room that other leaders shared higher directives for all to hear and take action.
One smaller elderly man was on the screen. GS.
He seemed to be like the Godfather of the group.
He had a key role and had major influence.
One after one these UN white hats gave their instructions,
After which the UN uniform faded off them and they transformed into their regular attire.
There were cabinet members.
Members of Parliament (All Parties not just the Red Party)
There were Bureaucrats.
(RCMP Leadership and other Government Civil Servants / Department Heads)
There were Asians from a very large nation.

As they moved around the room doing the meeting,
I saw ID badges with logos from ‘WHO’ on white coat Doctors.
And others in suits with name tag lanyards tagged “WEF”
These ones had briefcases handcuffed to themselves.
They had duplicate combination locks so they could not be opened alone.

I watched the power point they were working on with dates and sequences as the sectors had to collaborate in a methodical time collaborating sensitive actions.

After JT was given the script, he was put in a makeup chair.
He was to be done up to go on stage as an actor to try and sell it in a staged way.

As they were preparing, there was a sound coming from the distance.
This had a roar to it that could be heard from sea to sea to sea.
This was so much more that trucks and horns.
I don’t even have the words to describe it.
You could hear it, and feel it in your bones.
It had a rumble that the ground began to shake.
As they looked out of the parliament buildings, the sound and the shaking increased and increased bigger than ever before.
They had no idea what they were up against as they peered out of those windows!

There was a convergence coming from the west, the east, the north and the south.
I watched as the Holy Spirit blew upon the embers that the enemy thought had been put out.
Very quickly Holy Spirit fire was full ablaze and burning hot!
As the wind blew it blew this fire of God, fire of reformation and revival across Canada and onto Parliament Hill.
This fire of God built up like a wall around the city.

This was the moment that all had been praying for.
Righteous leaders emerged from the crowd.
They were bringing evidence.
Lawyers and new judges emerged with fire of God upon them, releasing truth.
Bringing reformation to the nation.
The tipping point became obvious!

Then the Lord dropped a word on me:
Thus says the Lord of hosts:
Glory, honor and majesty are Mine.
I shall not share it with another.
Canada, I see your crown, it is not as I intended it to be!
My Canada I have called you to be the true North strong and free!
My beloved Canada, I shall shake and I shall reveal all that has been hidden for all to see.
I shall shake and I shall sift this land for you to be all I have called you to be.
Walk with Me, step by step and take your position with Me as I blow upon you with My Holy Spirit fire.
For Canada shall be saved! And Great shall be her inheritance!

Canada you are not a goat nation!
You are a sheep nation!

Stand up and take your position, tighten up those boots!
Together we shall take back this land!”
Holy is the word of the Lord

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2M2
Signal: (780) 312 0322

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