Prophetic Encounter: Taiwan- Prepare ye the way of the Lord!…

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Prophetic Encounter: Taiwan- Prepare ye the way of the Lord!
April 11, 2023
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

During a time of soaking and prayer, I was taken into the Spirit over Taiwan.
There were millions of angels over Taiwan, they had it surrounded from the air. They had their backs to the Nation and were in a posture of defense. Given the word they were on guard ready to go on the offence to defend the nation.
As I was in the spirit and looking around, I watched as there was military movement approaching from the North, North East.

As I was able to draw closer, I could see there were CCP fighter jets as well as a navel fleet approaching.

This was the biggest drill yet, and the level of intimidation was higher than it had ever been before.

The situation was tinder dry. It would not take much to light it up.

I was taken in the spirit into a high level meeting room in China. This was a war room. A strategic planning / briefing room.
The officials that gathered there were overlooking a map of Taiwan and they clearly had plans to roll out in due time.

There were also American operatives in the room.
They were men in black, with special identification lanyards on. They were bright blue, and had “Biden” tagged on each one. It was more than apparent that the Biden administration / deep state had participated in the plans that were unfolding. They were playing both sides of the table, and they were going to get caught.

I was then taken in the spirit into the Taiwan presidents office. She was at here desk and on a call with President Trump. Her office had several high level officials gathered around her during the call.

President Trump reassured her that he was behind her and in support of the position that they held, and he would do all he could to help protect them from the CCP who had intentions of starting something that would quickly go very big.

I was then taken in the spirit to a Taiwan military base. There I was shown a prayer gathering, hundreds of saints on their faces, on their knees. Praying and crying out to God!
These intercessors were working like shift work around the clock interceding for Taiwan and the protection and destiny on the nation. There was wailing and an intensity of spiritual authority dealing with all the Father was leading them into.

Once again, I was taken in the spirit into a high level gathering of Taiwan generals. They wore white, crisp uniforms. They worked in unity around the table, looking out over the city and Nation. They knew the weight of the responsibility that they had been entrusted with in this day.
They were men and women of God. These were powerful remnant believers, who were very gifted and called to lead in this hour. They prayed and they strategized, they strategized, and they prayed. Every decision, every move was made as they walked with God.

I was again taken into the spirit, once again over Taiwan.
There was a formation that came down out of the sky, it appeared like a golden midst, as it flowed down it became a dome like golden bubble over the Nation.

Taiwan was covered by the Lord – it was plain to see.

This golden bubble began to pulse like a heart, and with each heart beat wave after wave was released from Taiwan and these golden waves went around the globe.
I watched as families held one another, crying and dancing in celebration of the goodness and salvation of God.
It did not seem to matter what was going on around them, they were satisfied in the presence of Holy Spirit.
They rejoiced with Him, in Him through every hour!

The Lord then spoke to me:
Barry, tell my people that I am their fortress, I am their shield!
I am their protector and deliverer! I am their everlasting strength in times of trouble!
Taiwan you are mine! I will not forsake you! I will not let you go!
Taiwan, you are being used by my mighty hand in this hour.
There is no way around it!
Taiwan you will sound the alarm – you will blow the trumpet!
You will wake up the Nations!
Taiwan, you are a catalyst in this hour!
Nations are watching your every move!
Taiwan, my strong and resilient daughter – you have endured much, and you have grown strong in spirit!
There shall be nothing that you fear, there shall be nothing you can’t overcome in Me and by my spirit!
Taiwan – you shall expose more than you are aware!
Those who have worked against you, spoken with a forked tongue and have betrayed you shall all be fully brought to justice. My Justice!
Taiwan you have My favour upon you in this hour!
As you stand with me and call their bluff I will be with you!
For they are moving at an accelerated pace for they have everything to lose! For they know that the days are short!
Taiwan-Taiwan-Taiwan- Prepare ye the way of the Lord!
Holy is the word of the Lord.

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, love and support. May God Richly Bless you all!

Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2M2

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