Prophetic Encounter: It is impossible to stop the justice that…

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Prophetic Encounter: It is impossible to stop the justice that is coming!
May 1, 2023
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

I was taken in the spirit into a room where Hunter Biden was surrounded by a group of lawyers and inside operatives from the DOJ, and a group of Biden administration and advisors.

They also had a video feed into the room from the Ukraine and one from China. They clearly had a vested interest in the narrative and out come of what was coming to light.

The point was upon them where they were going to have trouble stopping the truth from coming out.
In fact, it would be impossible to try and stop what was unfolding!
The FBI and the CIA and others had deflected, ignored, and skirted around this for as long as they possibly could.

There would be no way to deny the evidence that was held on that laptop!

Hunter Biden had a box that he had to hand over to this team, and it contained 9 cell phones, each one full of further evidence that would connect the dots.

Soon this further evidence was going to be on display for all to see with their own eyes.

As they were going over things, discussion included concern that Joe Biden would assuredly face criminal charges and conviction along with his son, other family members and colleagues.

At this point it was clear that Hunter and Joe were at the mercy of their handlers.

The decisions and actions they had taken had put the nation in a position of great peril.

And now was the time they would have to pay.

I was then taken by the spirit into a room that was full of American Generals, white hats.
Some were dressed in battle fatigues, army boots.
They were hard at work.

They were gathered together and had President Trump on a video feed into the room.
I watched and listened as they briefed the President and discussed the strategy and all that was ahead of them.

They each had binders that correlated to a power point that was part of the discussion and plan.

They were reviewing those in positions that were to be extracted, arrested, and charged for treasonous actions against the Nation they were called to serve.

I watched as pictures and profiles were shown and reviewed.

There were men and women from the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Law enforcement, media executives.

There were also bureaucrats, lawyers, and accountants with blood on their hands.
( I literally saw their hands cover in blood )

I watched as these Generals poured over the evidence in hand.

There was a cart rolled into the room {under guard) that contained 4 boxes, they were bright red in color and were tagged “Classified: George W Bush.”

These documents were brought forward with somberness.

I knew by the spirit that they were ordered to have been destroyed but had been retained by authorities with fear and trembling to be released at the right moment, into the right hands.
Hands that could be trusted to deal with the sensitive nature of the contents.

The responsibility and weight that was on these Generals and leaders was extremely sobering and intense.

There was a General that got on his knees and led a prayer for the room before they opened these up.

They knew that this was big and would carry great consequences as they unpacked it all in the right way.

I saw the teams under the authority of these generals, they were well prepared and well oiled to get the job done.

This was going to be one the greatest covert actions ever deployed on such a grand scale.

Not only were actions being taken on US soil, but as well in other nations that also collaborated with this evil regime.

There were arrests coming under international law.

I watched as they systematically deployed and apprehended each and every one that had to be dealt with.

As they removed these ones they came in with clean, authentic true patriot leaders to clean things up, tear things down and to rebuild once again.

Things were going to be better than ever before!
The plans were so well executed it was almost seamless in the transfer of power.

These evil regimes had their day.

It was over for them.

I was taken into the spirit and watched a large screen, it was a chart of the USD, The US Dollar.

I watched as it did a deep dive dropping by a third, and then another third quickly before my eyes with a slower trickle down after the first two big hits.

I watched in the spirit, and it did not take long for the dark clouds to clear up and bright blue sky and sunshine once again began to flood the land.

I saw oppression and debt being removed from the Nation.

This was a new day.

There was a clean slate!

This was a day of freedom!

The Father was turning the tables.

The day and the rule of the Cabal was being given a blow it could not with stand!

I was then taken in the spirit and flown over a large FEMA camp.

I knew it was one of many that was going to be used to hold oppressors for processing, what had been built for dark purposes would now be part of their own demise and account for injustice.

They would be found trapped in a pit they made for others!

The tables had been turned!

I saw a call going out to the National Guard for deployment to assist in keeping and maintaining security and protection on the streets.

They had been on standby for such a time as this.

These men and women were pure in heart and would do anything to protect this great Nation.

They were greeted on the streets with celebration and honor!

I was taken in the spirit and watched bankers trying to funnel out what they could to try and protect themselves as they were trying to get out the back door.

Try as they may, they would also be held to account.

They would not be able to get away with anything.

The Father would not have it.
They would be held to justice.

I was taken in the spirit where I could see the Lord bringing justice to the nation.

He would not be stopped!

I saw demonic storms and uprisings in different pockets of the Nation, powers and principalities stirring up chaos in different places in different ways.

They were giving it all they had but the Hosts of heaven were being deployed to contend with them and take them out!

Again, I was taken in the spirit and watched as the remnant had been fasting and praying and taking communion across the land.

The cost was great, the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ was over the Nation, the land.

It was clear that through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ we would see this great revival sweep the land!

This was the way out.

Then the Lord spoke to me:

Barry, tell my people I know the battle has been fierce and that many are weary.

Let me be clear, my arm is not too short to save.
There are many pieces of this puzzle that are coming together just as planned!

The illusion that is in front of you is coming to light!

Do you not know that the highest pressures create the most beautiful diamonds?

Rest assured that I am creating things in you that you did not know were possible!

Hear me clearly, listen to my words on this day; justice shall be served!

We are in the great and terrible days of the Lord.

Vengeance is mine and I will not be mocked.

You can not serve two masters.

You can not play both sides, for there is nothing in common between darkness and light!

There is a foul demonic assignment, and it is great attack in this day to take out many men.

Looking to take your power, and your authority.

Like Delilah she is wanting to cut your hair!

Her talk is smooth to get close, but she will cut you like a knife!

Your distress will be great if you tolerate her in your midst!

She runs on lies and manipulation.

She will stop at nothing to control you or bring you down.

She is ruthless in all her ways.

Run from her like the wind!

Don’t look back!

Turn from her and close those open doors!

She will use you like a pawn to fulfill her agenda.

You will be left with nothing!

She will steal your destiny away!

I am exposing her, but the choice is still yours – how long will you tolerate her?

She has moved in close and is wanting to tighten her grip on her prey.

Left alone, her plan is to destroy you – and this great nation that I love!

Stand up today and shake it off.

Break those agreements you have made with her!

Dispel her from your midst.

Restrict and refuse her access!

Get back on track, get on your feet!

Remove every foothold!

We have a Nation to take back from the enemy!

Return unto me, whole heartedly!

Let me cleanse you, restore you and bring you fullness of joy – even in the battle!

As you do, you will come to know me in a new way, and you will never be the same!

Holy is the word of the Lord.

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, love and support. May God Richly Bless you all!

Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2M2

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