Prophetic Encounter: China, Russia, Cuba, America, Biden, Obama & Donald…

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Prophetic Encounter:
China, Russia, Cuba, America, Biden, Obama & Donald J Trump
July 17, 2023, Monday
2;22 pm

I was taken in the spirit into a meeting with officials from China.
There was a table on a large platform, it was theatre style seating.

I was off to the front and side front row seats.

There was a Chinese man on the platform that was highlighted to me front and centre. He had the letters Xi floating above his head, wherever he moved it followed him around floating over his head.

There were others with Chinse letters over them as well.

I realized it was Xi Jinping the CCP leader was there front and center.

He had advisors on each side, gathered for high level strategy and planning.

There were several hundred in the auditorium listening and taking notes as they presented the updates.

I saw reports on the big screen of the tens of thousands of CCP members that had gained access into America and had assimilated into the Nation.

They had strategically positioned themselves in the Nation to gain advantage and control wherever they could.

Extremely well planned and executed.

I saw how they had bough and owned the Bidens to get the access they needed.

It was easier that they had expected it to be,

They had access to information that they should not have ever had.

These treasonous actions of Biden were all going to be fully exposed.

They would pay a high price for their actions.

Decisions were now being ramped up.

They were walking a narrow path, and cautiously but surely were taking step by step forward movement.

They were now being forced into position by the actions and moves of the Biden administration.

The room was quiet.

The reality of what lied ahead was heavy in the air.
It was sobering.
This was no ordinary meeting.
It had been called as an emergency response and it was not business as normal.

I was taken into a side room where Putin, and Xi were on a briefing call. As they were now in it together stronger and more unified than ever.
They were collaborating Intel and data.

Putin (who is no angel) had evidence of the WEF and Globalists home base in the Ukraine and the cesspool that had been operation though there.

From trillions of dollars in laundering money out of the Nations,
to human and child trafficking to biolabs. It was all there – hidden in plain sight.

Putin was determined to put a stop to it in and by what ever means he had to.

The exposures that the enemy had been hiding are coming to full light.

Justice is being served.

Holy Spirit whispered to me that He was going to light it all up in a way the Nations would be able to see.

They had about enough from the Biden administration group and the blatant and reckless actions that they had taken and were still on.

The corruption and instability of the Biden regime had clearly impacted things beyond anything they were able to negotiate or sort through in a practical way.

I was taken into the spirit where I saw Cuba from the air.
It was “a buzz” with activity.

I was taken closer and was shown areas that had been designated for the CCP to come and move in military assets and set up what I would call a staging area.

From this location it gave them a reach into America that they had been waiting for and planning for some time.

Cuba and Russia were in support and well aware of what to roll out, and they were in full support of this move.

I was then taken into a governmental military style facility into a back room with Obama and Susan Rice.

It seemed like an out of the way military base. It had a bit of a remote feel to it.

Obama was visibly angry and almost punch drunk.

His emotions were running high and in my mind were impairing his logic and ability to function in a normal way.

The stress, fatigue, frustration and high pressure high pressure were taking a toll.

They were in a position where everything was collapsing around them.

Plans were not working out as they wanted.

It was at the point where they were unleashing everything that they could to stop President Trump from exposing and removing the evil ones from position.

I was taken into a daily morning meeting / briefing where Obama was calling the shots, he and Rice had operatives reporting back to them daily, as well as daily briefings with the global elites and the WEF.

They had an evil agenda to roll out and were not going to be stop until they had been themselves taken out.

Biden and his handlers were brought in to meet Obamas administration and they were given the daily update and instructions.

Biden was a mess.
Out of his natural mind.
Impossible to control.
Things had gone from bad to worse and the writing was on the wall.

They had to get him out as soon as they could at this point, but the damage would be irreparable.

There was much more yet to come.

Obama had a temper and was yelling at those around him.
He was not doing well.

He was also soon to be in the spotlight to answer to his role in the corruption and deception in front of the Nation.

Obama had a suitcase he had been packing everywhere, he couldn’t let it out of his sight.

It had details, documents and electronic files that he could not let get out for if it did – things would be all over for them.

It contained evidence they had to hide, it showed the collaboration that they had used to steal the election.

It was all there.

They had tried to spin this and spin that in the face of the public,
They had a way to try and twist it in a wrap of lies and deception an throw it back against President Donald J Trump.

They had a legal team that I watched wheelbarrows full of cash and gold coming in from Soros and his group to fund and interfere in the process.

But try as they might, they were not able to get the traction they were hoping for as they were getting caught and exposed – lie after lie.

I this dark spirit, and it was a spirit operating through a principality launching attack after attack upon the Nation, President Donald Trump and the remnant of patriots and believers.

I saw an angel army gathered and boots on the ground, they were gathered as far as my eyes could see.
They were working making a way – I saw as they moved through the streets they were surrounding Trump and his team and other righteous leaders.

It was reassuring and most amazing to see the strength of this angel army and the growing strength of the Nation moving forward taking back the land for the Glory of God.

As they moved through the streets they claimed one building at a time, the Whitehouse, the senate, the supreme court, the FBI, The CIA, The federal reserve.
By the time The Lord was done it would never be the same again,

I was taken in the spirit to a remote rural facility.
There was a line up at the gate, different ones from not only the USA but also from other nations.

This was a safe place, a secure facility that was meant to receive whistle blowers and evidence from the Nations, of whom had tie ins with corrupt leaders from their Nations into the Biden regime and Globalist elites.

The white hats knew exactly what to do, how to do it and had the grace and favour of the Lord to do so.

I was taken to a large gate.
It was at least 40 feet tall and 100 feet wide.
Probably 2 feet thick.
It was a cross between an ornate design and that that of a fortress.
It was built of bronze and iron.
And swing easy on hinges of grace.
We stood there together in unity as the ecclesia, the remnant and the new governance leaders.

I stood in front of the hundreds of millions that were lined up and ready to enter through these gates!

I was surrounded by the Hosts of angels, brothers and sisters, President Trump and his team were off to my side as were other leaders.
There were millions and millions of people ready to enter in.
We were standing there laterally ready to enter through those gates.
For I knew that once these opened and we entered it was a new day.
The horrific past would be behind us – and we would be once again free.
Freer than we had ever been before.
This was what we had been waiting for!
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I looked back over the millions.
It was over the top for me!
It was happening!

Clearly there was going to be no way we could open those gates on our own.

As we stood there waiting, there was shouts of victory, there was spontaneous worship that flowed through the crowd.

The atmosphere was electric with anticipation.

I stood there in awe, and saw from a distance two of the biggest angels I have ever seen.

Beautiful, massive and strong. Adorned in strength with an authority I have never seen – yet Love flowed from them.

They made their way through the crowd with cheers and reverence.

They approached the gate and each one took a side.

They were there reporting for duty.

Given the word of the Lord they would swing those gates open wide for all to pass through!

Things were all coming into place.

The Father then said to me:

Barry, tell my people you are about to pass through into all that I have for you!

For things as you have known them are about to be changed forever!

Enter in with praise!

Enter in with worship!

Enter in with the fullness of joy!

Enter in with thanksgiving!

Prepare to take dominion!

Prepare to take it all back from the enemy!

Prepare for the impossible to be possible!

Prepare to be launched!

Prepare to gather with your tribe!

Prepare for healing and restoration!

Prepare for revival!

Prepare for abundant wealth!

Prepare for abundant health!

Do not be afraid of what is coming!

For once I swing wide these gates there is no one that can close them!

What the enemy is doing is actually driving my people to these gates!

The Lost shall come and fine life and forgiveness in Me!
For I shall use it all for My Glory!

And My Glory shall cover the earth!

It is coming and it is here!

Come, come, come my beloved!

Come, come, come my Bride!

Make yourself ready!

Come, come, come!
Get your fill of oil in your lamps now for the days ahead!
Holy is the word of the Lord.

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

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