Prophetic Encounter: America Demonic Principalities shall be held to account!…

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Prophetic Encounter: America Demonic Principalities shall be held to account!
Thursday June 8, 2023
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch

Today I was flying from Vancouver British Columbia to Miami Florida. I had my ear buds on and was soaking and praying.
I glanced up and looked at the in-flight computer screen on the seat in front of me and saw that we were coming into Oklahoma. I didn’t think anything about it other than we were over the heartland of The United States of America.

I closed my eyes and continued to worship, pray and soak as I had been. It was with in a few moments when I was suddenly taken into the Spirit by the Spirit of God.

I found myself in the spirit realm over America, and as I was looking west, I saw the darkest, blackest storm clouds brewing, they were like principalities that were whirlwinds gathering together to unleash unimaginable things into and across the Nation.

This was the most angry violent storm that was brewing and boiling before my eyes that I had ever witnessed.

I then looked to the east where I saw the Angelic Hosts of heaven gathering from the east.
They were dressed in pure silver armor, the sun reflected and gleaming off of them. They were shoulder to shoulder and went as far as my eye could see!

These two forces were coming face to face now and it was soon to be go time.

This Angelic Host was at its best, the purity, power and strength that they carried was like nothing I had ever seen.

The Lord of Hosts was behind them and empowering them all, and this was not all of them, there were more from where these had come from and they were still pouring in.

They would not be defeated, and these demonic principalities would be held to account and taken down and taken out.

There were demonic powers that flowed out of these principalities into the land.

I saw cords and portals that ran out of them into regional offices and authorities who where gates for the demonic to flow into the land.

These cords were all about to be cut and portals closed in and through this angelic host.

I then looked down from spirit and saw the ground over the heartland and I could see the movement of assets being positioned for conflict.

There were dark groups with nefarious intentions preparing to strike and cause damage on the ground. They were being strategically positioned to stir up in a very negative way.

My focus and attention was shifted and there I saw the National guard and military movement on the ground.

Trucks, trains, white hats, patriots and assets being put in positions to counter the globalist, demonic antics and tactics.

These ones did not come under the command of the Biden administration, but rather were under the authority of a table of Generals and leaders working in conjunction of Donald J. Trump.

The tactics of the judicial strikes against DJT would only strengthen the position as the tables were about to be not only be turned but flipped over.

The exposure of evidence about to be released upon the deep state was decades worth of hidden things.

I was taken into a warehouse that was housing it securely.

The team on the ground cataloguing each, and every bit.
It was being prepared for release unto the Nations in due time.

This play that the deep state was making was going to rebound upon them in a way that they did not see coming!

I was then shown “Old Glory” The American Flag, but this flag was slightly different.

This flag was framed in gold.

It had a golden frame! Sewn to it there was a golden braided rope with tassels on the corners.
It was breathtaking!

I knew that there was a rebirthing of America.

She would be brighter than ever before.

She would be stronger than ever before.

She would be more unified than ever before.

She would be more resolved in her destiny than ever before.

The battle ahead would be great, and many were weary,
regardless, by the grace of God we pressed through unto victory!

Those ones bonded together with each other and the Lord.
The Love and depth among them brought me to tears!

As things advanced, more evidence exposed those officials who were paid off, blackmailed and controlled by the deep state.

I saw military SWAT teams entering and apprehending these ones, removing them from their positions.
Civilians on the streets cheering as they were arrested and taken away.

Buildings and facilities then being protected and under the jurisdiction of the rightful authorities.

I was taken into an airport hanger where I saw Obama entering into with his security detail.

The gig was up and he had a plane waiting and ready to fly him out of the country.

He had intentions to flee.

The aircraft that was prepared for him, was suddenly electronically disabled by the specialized unit assigned to the assignment, with out it moving, it allowed for the military SWAT team to apprehend him and take him into incarceration.

I was then taken back in the Spirit to New York. I had seen this before.

I was taken into a high-rise office tower into a corner office.

There was a high level banking executive at his desk.

He was on his computer and was going to make a major financial transfer, as he did he was given a notice on his computer “insufficient funds”.

At first he thought there was a glitch, he opened up another screen to see the account he was using was at a zero balance!

Fear and unbelief hit him.

Now in a panic mode he was opening other accounts, and one after another the balances were all zero!

The evil war chest was empty!

The resources they controlled were now completely gone!

He lost it, emotional breakdown was now upon him.

I watched him screaming and yelling take the elevator down and leave the building screaming and yelling out of control like a child having a tantrum.

The wealth transfer was in hand!

I was taken into the spirit into a briefing room that had a team of commanders being briefed on a mission in which teams of special opps were being deployed strategically – surgically into nations for further apprehensions and special assignments.

They had areas that it was now time to go into to assure freedom would prevail.

It was all business; they knew what they were called to do and they were there to serve with honor and integrity.

I was taken by the spirit to witness weaponized communication towers being taken down; they were at large telecommunication facilities running networks of towers.

As they were being taken down, they were being served legal documents that in conjunction with the forces and boots on the ground to enforce, were sure to shut the demonic portals that they had been using to control narratives and positioned for other nefarious deeds.

The Father was shutting them down.

Justice was being served.

Then the Lord gave released this word:

“America the eyes of the world are upon you, but much greater than that; My eyes are upon you!

America, rest assured I have called you for an hour such as this!

America, I have called you to be bearers of light in times of darkness.

You are called to take My light through out your land and to the nations of the world.

America the beautiful, the enemy has taken full advantage of the compromise in your land to gain access and take ground in your nation for the kingdom of darkness.

And I am calling you to take it back with Me now.

America my beloved, I am calling you higher in this hour!

There is nothing that my Blood has not covered.

I have given you authority over such things, and it is with in you to walk in it and enforce my word in this hour.

You may think that there is no way out and all odds against you.

Let me draw your attention to the fact that I have never called you to a fair fight.

For if it were, you would try to do it without me and take credit for the victory when the Victory is mine.

Be prepared my Beloved for things that are going to make you uncomfortable, but do not fear and do not loose heart.

For I must tear down what is not of Me before I can build what is of Me.

I will never build on a foundation that is compromised or not of Me, nor will I share My Glory with another.

There are many sick and dying among you as you have not properly discerned my body.

Be careful of what you hold onto and who you judge.

For it is for Me to judge the heart of a man.

How can you rightly judge when you can’t see it all?

For there is nothing hidden from Me, and it is I who compromises not!

Stay close to me and close to my cross at this hour.

This is not a moment for self exaltation.

I have always resisted the proud and always will.

My best paths are through the low places.

These are the paths I will meet you on!

There is more shaking to come, and it hurts more falling from those high places than if you stay low and remain in Me.

America, I am bringing righteousness and justice back to your land, and as I do hearts will turn unto me.

Men, Women and children coming into the kingdom in unprecedented ways!

Prepare for the harvest that is at hand!
New wineskins are being released.

There are some that will miss it, bound by religion.
Bound by the religious and political spirits.

I have come that I may bring life!
Abundant life!
I am holding those to account who will not turn from their evil ways. The crimes against humanity, the warmongering and oppression of my children shall be brought to justice.

The fear of the my name shall once again be known in the land.

I beseech you on this day, in this hour to examine your heart, and come to my throne of grace and let me set you free, heal you, deliver you and bring you into the fullness of my salvation and refresh you with the spirit of joy!

Let me behold you as loved sons and daughters.
I assure you that you will never be the same!
Holy is the word of the Lord.


God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, love and support. May God Richly Bless you all!

Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, Alberta
T4R 2M2

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