Prophetic Encounter: 9-11 Classified Great Deception is coming to an…

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Prophetic Encounter: 9-11 Classified
Great Deception is coming to an end!
Saturday July 8, 2023: 2:20 pm

This was from the encounter that I had July 8, 2023 when I was taken into a Governmental building and secure storage room full of sensitive, classified boxed evidence and files.

Again, these boxes were organized by events that had taken place over the course of history.

When I had this and shared it in July, the Father did not grant me permission to share all that He showed me that day, so I have been sitting on it, until now.

A few days ago, He stirred it up in me again, this time giving me the grace to share it publicly.

So today is the day that I will release it, just as He showed it to me.

So, after I was taken to Switzerland saw the bank of international settlements go down, and saw President Trump do a press conference releasing the JFK files, I was taken in the spirit back into that highly secured file room.

Once again, He showed me several pallets of boxed files and documents.

They were labeled in big bold red letters:

” 9-11″ ” CLASSIFIED”

As I looked at them, what was in those boxes came to life in front of my eyes!

There was a big screen that opened up in front of me, and
I was taken into the spirit and once again what was held in those boxes came to life.

This sounds very strange I know, but I was able to step into that screen just as you would crawl into a window to get closer to what I was seeing.

I was taken right into it.

I was taken in the spirit into a series of meetings, calls, and briefings where I saw President George W. Bush deeply involved, orchestrating, and facilitating a very dark and demonic plan – incomprehensible to think that this is what they would do to maintain power and to manipulate and control people.

These meetings were highly classified, and they were all in regard to the planning and strategic planning of the tragic events of 9-11.

These plans were not being put together by foreign enemies.

These plans were being put together from within!

The CIA was heavily involved in this one.

They had been given directives to put together one of the largest and complex social engineering plans ever deployed in American history if not globally.

They were given every resource that they required.

Years of planning and staging putting together every detail to bring a nation to its knees and change the world as we knew it forever.

Holy Spirit took me in the spirit into a venue, where a group of men came out of a big hall, as the doors opened, and they filed out of this ceremonial gathering.

The big hall looked so dark, practically black from what I could see as I stood in the lobby of this venue looking through the double doors they were exiting from into the lobby.

George W Bush was one of the leaders, dignitaries and one of the first that came out of the meeting. They were escorted into the lobby by heavy security.

There were other world leaders, global elites with him, it was a fairly large group of them.

They were all dressed in full Masonic regalia, and Goerge W Bush appeared to have the highest of levels.

They posed together for a few photos – as this was a particularly special gathering as they were working on nefarious plans for 9-11 as well as getting in the Masonic meetings.

My sense was this gathering was in Europe, I didn’t know the exact location, but it was an older historical feeling facility.

They were smug, and all smiles in front of the cameras but the evil they were working on was obvious.

I was taken in the spirit into high level meetings with Goerge W Bush each of which he was being briefed and updated on the plans for 9-11.

I watched as operatives came and relayed information and were given further details and instructions as to what and how they were to put things together and collaborate.

Some of the meetings were in secluded offices, some overseas with other world leaders, some on American soil.

I listened to one call, as they light heartedly joked about some insurance policy that was now in place. It had come together smoother than silk.

I watched as there were some military briefings being held, they had planted some dark insiders in the ranks to pull the strings that had to be pulled.

They had operatives in places to pull off a great deception.

The enemy was hiding in plain sight.

There was a special briefing held at Windsor Castle with the Queen of England and George W. Bush where she was given advanced insight into what was going to play out and get her input.

There were other teams from the middle east that came to meet and left with suitcases full of cold hard cash.

They had a way to grease the wheels that needed to be greased.

I was in a room where they met with engineers and defense type contractors.

They were awarded special contracts to plan and work on the twin towers.

They very well knew what they were doing and what they were involved in.

And, they were handsomely rewarded. The contract binders were thick and well laid out.

Big Red binders.

Building Drawings. Building Details.
It was all there.

I knew all the documentation was at hand in this room.

The inner circle here was relatively small.
They were trained in deceptive ways and means and had high level governmental and CIA coverage to get things done.

I was taken in the spirit into the basement of a building in New York, it seemed not far from the towers.

It was a huge warehouse space, all heavy-duty concrete.
Electrical conduit and basic lighting.

I knew by the spirit that this had been a place to store gold.

I mean, a LOT of gold!

The crazy thing is, it was empty.

There was not one ounce of gold left in this space.

It was gone.


I knew that it had been moved before their big event.

This space had to be approx. 30,000 sq ft, high ceilings.
Highly secured. Cameras everywhere.

There was no coming or going out of here with out surveillance.

There were simple service elevators with complex security pads, and a double set of locked vestibules with more locks and security to get in and out.

On one end there was a ramp like a parkade, with heavy duty steel doors and heavy balusters that came out of the floor but could be dropped for vehicles to pass through.

There would be no way possible for this gold to be moved with out full intentions of doing so.

This had to be an inside job.

I was taken back into the room full of boxes and documents.

Not all evidence was destroyed.

It had been ordered destroyed, but it had not been.

The full evidence of what, and how it was planned is soon coming to light!

America will be appalled!
The Nations will be shaken!

The evidence is coming forth henceforth!

There are whistle blowers that can’t live with themselves that will come clean.

I saw a group of them gathering together afraid for their lives, but no matter the cost – they were going to tell the truth.

Even at risk of personal charges and consequences.
They could not hold it back any longer.

The exposure that they were going to bring would validate and explain beyond a shadow of a doubt who was involved and how it was done, and why.

Holy Spirit is blowing upon these dark days to bring justice and healing to the Nation.

I saw military arrests and tribunals.
From President George W Bush and down, there was going to be a price to pay for all involved.

They thought they got away with it, but the Lord is bringing it to the surface – it is not going away!

The Cabal will fall!

All that had been stolen shall be recovered!

As I journaled this out, the Father spoke to me:

“Barry, tell my people that this great deception is coming to an end!

It is time to bring full exposure once and for all!

They know that it is coming, and they are fighting back as best as they can, but they will not prevail.

I will prevail!

And justice shall be served!

Barry, tell my people that all that has been done to beset them shall be dealt with.

For there shall be a great price to pay for those power thirsty, greedy and corrupt ones who refuse to repent and turn from their wicked ways.

Even now I am pressing on hearts to come forth, come clean, and bring forth truth.

Those who do repent and turn to me for mercy shall find it.

For many were used and put in positions where their own lives and those of their families were in danger.

They are tormented to this day.
What is burning in them shall drive them to expose the truth.

The time is soon upon us to set them free.

I have prepared a path for you!

As you come forth, I shall protect you and provide all that you need to get it done.

For the evidence you have and the keys you hold will tip the scales of justice for the Nations!

For you have not known who to trust, for you have suffered the ultimate betrayal.

Let me tell you today – now is the time to step forward – now is the day to release the truth!

There are those I have put in place in this hour you can trust – you can work with – they are expecting you!

Do not fear – do not be afraid for I will be with you!
You are not alone.

I have prepared a place for you to move things forward.

Be strong and be courageous!

I have you covered!

I am shaking things apart in this hour, there will be no escaping it.
Follow me and follow my lead and we will do this together!

My love for you is passionate and I will stop at nothing to bring justice, healing, renewal, and restoration to you and the Nations!”
Holy is the word of the Lord.

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

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