Prophetic Dream Encounter: I saw President Trump with Evidence in…

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Prophetic Dream Encounter: I saw President Trump with Evidence in Hand
August Friday 11 and Saturday 12, 2023
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

I had the same prophetic dream two nights in a row.
They were identical bumper to bumper. Front to back inside and out, they were exactly the same.

In this dream I found myself on a city sidewalk, there was President Trump walking at a quick pace leading a group of his team and security.

I was in the spirit following behind the President,
In a position like a camera or drone up over his right shoulder about 5 feet higher than he was and 5 or six feet behind.

It was the perfect view. Front row seats.

He was surrounded by his team and high level security.
The thing that was different today was that the President was not following the team, he was leading them and they could not get ahead of him on this one.

His countenance was a little different than I had seen before.

He was not happy. Not happy at all.

In fact, I would say that he was in a fighting mood.

Enough was enough.

He had seen enough, and had had enough of what was going on.

He had evidence in hand.

And he was ready to go with all he had.

He would be well able to shred them.

Expose them and what they had been doing behind his back.

It was go time.

The righteous anger that had been brewing was at an all time high.

They had dug a pit big enough for long enough – and the President knew it and it was time to deal with it.

I followed him down the sidewalk and entered a building, through the lobby to an elevator and then down a hallway.

He knew that there were traitors and insiders there and were there meeting that were up to no good.

They were leaking information and trying to whisper in his ear with council from the dark side.

They were about to be exposed.

Trump now had evidence of who they were and what they were doing.

And they were about to be confronted.

Old school face to face.

He had suspicions and knew they had been meeting and scheming and plotting not only against him but the Nation for some time.

He knew some of the folks around him didn’t pass the smell test, but had kept them close regardless until he had enough on them all to deal with them and shut down all that they had going on.

The moment had come, not to early and not to late to deal with it. The timing was perfect.

The Holy Spirit was leading this whole deal every step of the way.

When he and the team got up to the right floor they got off the elevator and the President again led the way.

He marched down the hallway and got to the room they were secretly meeting in – or so they thought.

President Trump stopped for a few seconds.

Took a deep breath and swung that door wide open.

He did not knock, he gave them no warning.

He wanted to catch them red handed.

And, so he did.

The room had a big board room table in the middle with chairs all around. 20 or so.

I watched as they were frozen – caught in the act.

They knew this was it for them.

Their goose was cooked.

The gig was up and it was time to pay the piper.

There would be no excuse or reason that they could possibly offer to escape the consequences that were coming.

They seemed to be in a bit of a break time as they were pulled away from the table chatting in groups of two and three in side conversations.

The table was full of laptops and documents.
It was all there.

There was one man in particular that stood out to me.

He was on the right hand side of the table talking with a couple of people.

He was I would say in his 40s.

Dark hair, on the heavier set side.

He was greasy. Not who he portrayed himself to be.
He did not have the equity that he boasted of.

He was one of the insiders who had faked his way close to the President.

He was not who he said he was.

He had been manipulating and controlling as much as he could around the President, and from what I saw had a very dark demonic spirit upon him.

He had been working with the enemies camp since the beginning.

He was a master chameleon and actor. He played the role well.

Until now.

Caught red handed – sitting down with the enemy sharing sensitive information and betraying the trust of the President and the other righteous leaders he was shoulder to shoulder with.

Trump entered the room and his detail and the rest of his team right behind him.

It was a moment of truth and exposure.

You could cut the air with a knife.

Trump remained calm at this point.

Nothing really needed to be said in this moment.

The evidence was in plain sight. It could not be denied.

And, all the right people were in the room to see it with their own eyes.

I was then taken in the spirit into another meeting where President Trump was sitting down with legal council, he had added a couple new faces to the team.

They were talented, but more so gifted and anointed to do what needed to be done in this moment.

They were reviewing the J 6 inditement file and the file regarding the biggest election fraud in history.

The enemy had actually brought them a gift through this action, for it would give the President and his team opportunity to bring the real truth and the whole truth to the light for all to see.

They had cases and cases of documents and evidence
They were preparing to release and go public with.

There were a couple of Military Generals in the room as discussions were had as to next steps.

And they were big ones.

They all were acutely aware that the future and destiny of America the Beautiful and the future of western civilization as we knew was in the balance.

After intense discussion, The President asked to close the meeting in prayer for what they had to do.

As they prayed one by one around the room the presence of the Lord flooded – actually saturated the place.

The Lords favor was upon them to be certain.

As this meeting ended and some of the team left, I was taken into the lobby where Roger Stone was waiting to be called in to meet with the President.

Roger was stronger than ever and in top form, in fact the best he had ever been in.

He almost glowed as he entered the room.

The Fire of God was upon him in such a good and amazing way and he was well aware of it and that it was only by Gods grace!

He had a briefcase and had been entrusted with evidence, information and insight that would cut the enemy off at the knees and take the enemys head off.

He pulled a couple of files out and set them up on the table.

The first was labeled in big bold font “The Clinton Files”

The second was “The Obama Files”

What Roger had in hand was next level.

This information released in the right moment at the right place would be key to taking down the enemy in the Nation on the Government mountain.

The unity and trust that was in that room with the President at that moment was so tangible, I could weep.

I saw in the spirit that as they walked this out with the Lord the shackles that the enemy had put on the nation were cut off once again bringing freedom to America the Beautiful.

Holy is the Word of the Lord

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, AlbertaT4R 2M2