Prophetic Dream / Encounter A Message from “Canadians” to the…

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Prophetic Dream / Encounter
A Message from “Canadians” to the Ecclesia
January 30,2021
Respectfully Submitted, Barry Wunsch
This morning I had a dream that I received a text message. I opened my phone and saw that it was sent by a contact named “Canadians”. I opened it up to read it and as I did, I immediately had a jolt of the high voltage electricity surge through my body, I had a download of instant information and understanding and was instantly woke up.
The message that was downloaded was multi-faceted, it was more than text, it had audio/ video and was multi-dimensional. It was loud and clear, short, to the point, abrupt and blunt. I felt that even though it was sent to me, it was intended for the Church / Ecclesia in Canada at large. It was not just for me.
The message I received from the “Canadians” was: “Where have you been?
Why have you not stood up? Why are you allowing this to happen? Why have you not dealt with things? Why have you not done anything?”
This message was seething with frustration, anger, helplessness, hopelessness, desperation and pain. It was more than clear that Canadians felt unheard, unvalued, used and abandoned. They were calling out for help, and they were calling out for help now.
I share this today out of obedience and with fear and trembling. It honestly was and is the most sobering and awful feeling ever to be confronted with the raw condition & emotions of hurting Canadians calling out in desperation for help. I felt an instant remorse and repentance starting to flow as I could see the consequential and collateral damages that had taken place across the Nation because the Ecclesia had not rightfully stood up and taken her full place relinquishing so much ground to unrighteousness in the Nation. It was so hard to see.
I could see the season was here putting an end to places where we had cowardice, withdrawal, isolated and had been ineffectual in the Nation. Canadians were deeply hurting. Many had already been lost, and many more would be lost if a change in action was not taken and taken soon. The bubble that we had been living in was burst, it was difficult for many to come to terms with it, but it was clear that we must. This was a new day. There was a renewal going on and a taking back of responsibility for those entrusted into our care and stepping up like never before with courage and boldness to take back the land that the enemy has stolen.
My sense was that the time was now for the Church / Ecclesia to reposition, regroup, and stand up like never before for the Nation of Canada and take Healing to the Nations.
I saw that as the Church / Ecclesia re-postured stepped up and opened up there was going to be an outpouring of miracles, signs and wonders like we have never seen. There would be healing and restoration for marriages, families and communities. There would be a true unity released from coast to coast to coast for the Glory of God.