Prophetic Bulletin Canada / The 7 Mountains are Shifting Banff…

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Prophetic Bulletin
Canada / The 7 Mountains are Shifting
Banff Earthquake 4.4
February 13, 2021
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
This afternoon during a prayer gathering I was taken into a Canadian Mountain range where I saw a Surveyor that was pulling out and removing property stakes and pins from a Mountain Range. It was clear that these mountains were changing hands. Just like a property is surveyed with a real property report at time of title transfer this Angel surveyor was there restaking these Mountains for new occupancy and ownership.
These seven mountains had been predominantly occupied by the enemy for decades and now was the time The Lord was shifting them to the Ecclesia.
In prayer we prayed and decreed and declared a shift on the 7 Mountains in Canada and called the Ecclesia to arise and take their place. Only a few hours later there was a 4.4 Earthquake in Banff National Park.
I believe that it is a sign and a wonder with the Lord confirming his word for Canada at this time.
We declare and decree
Government Mountain Shift!
Family Mountain Shift!
Religion Mountain Shift!
Media Mountain Shift!
Arts and Entertainment Mountain Shift!
Education Mountain Shift!
Business Mountain Shift!