October 5,2022 3:49am Prophetic Word for DJT, RS, JB and…

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October 5,2022 3:49am
Prophetic Word for DJT, RS, JB and Florida

Holy Spirit woke me up early this morning and gave me this prophetic word and open vision.

He said: Yom Kippur Welcome to a new year! Welcome to my reset! I was then taken into an open vision where I saw Donald Trump being moved quickly by a group of security guys into a helicopter. Something big was going down and they had to get him moving and moving fast. I saw that there had been a critical event where they had to get him to a safe and secure place for what was going to need to be done. This was a moment that all had waited for. There was no stopping it from here. Although it felt like a crisis moment, this team was prepared and ready for what they had to do. This was not a dress rehearsal. It was “go” time.
I watched as jets filled the sky in a full-on scramble.
This was much larger than the United States of America. This was going to affect the Nations henceforth. It would soon be clear to see all that was at play.
I was then taken in the spirit where I saw Joe Biden walking down the concourse carrying a briefcase that fell right open releasing documents and evidence on the ground, the wind blew, and these papers were caught up in a whirlwind a blown onto the airwaves for all to see and hear. There would be no denying this. History being written right before our eyes. There were those who would try to defend or dismiss what had just been released but try as they might it would be impossible to hide or spin this. Every attempt they made to do so made them look worse and the hole they were digging got bigger.
I was then taken by the Spirit into a big room. Desks and tables. False accusers. I watched as I saw this wind this Holy Spirit wind hit the J6 Committee meeting. It blew so hard that the voices of the accusers could not be heard as they brought false accusations to Roger Stone and Donald J Trump. The wind took the documents on the desks and in the same way strew them up an destroyed them in front of all for the world to see.
Vindication was approaching.
You could see the dust on the horizon as the Hosts of heaven came in to do what they do best – The Lord bidding, bringing truth righteousness and justice for America the Beautiful.
I watched as the State of Florida turned into a Golden Key that would be used to unlock the Nation. What the enemy has tried to destroy in Florida will not in any way prevail. Florida shall be stronger than ever, more unified than ever, and more powerful than ever. Florida, you have paid a great price for this nation and the destiny of this country – and as you rebuild great shall be your reward!
Holy is the word of the Lord.

This is not the first efforts I have seen prophetically regarding President Trump or Roger Stone.
The Father is clearly dealing with the evil demonic attack on Pesident Trump and Roger Stone, unprecedented efforts by the government and deep state to destroy them, thier families, personally, and financially.
And why?
They know the threat that they are to the evil regime.
Rest assured, The Lord God Almighty shall prevail!

God Bless and Protect you and your families! God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Most sincerely Barry Wunsch
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