Love crosses cultures. Love overcomes language barriers. Love bridges generations.…

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Love crosses cultures.
Love overcomes language barriers.
Love bridges generations.
Love covers the gaps.
Love heals the wounded.
Love hurts.
Love disolves pain.
Love restores.
Love brings life.
Love engages hope.
Love releases rest.
Love is healing.
Love brings peace.
Love brings unity.
Love is redemptive.
Love brings strength.
Love brings confidence.
Love has no boundries.
Love tears down walls.
Love drives out fear.
Love overcomes shame.
Love truimphs guilt.
Love was not meant to be with held.
Love will correct.
Love will teach.
Love is forgivng.
Love brings joy.
Love serves others.
Love is considerate.
Love is generous.
Love draws us closer.
Love never looses.
Love is selfless.
Love will relentllessly pursue you.
Love trumps judgement.
Love is bigger than loss.
Love is bigger than defeat.
Love is bigger then disease.
Love is transparent.
Love believes the best.
Love does not gossip.
Love speaks the best.
Love takes the high road.
Love conquers every enemy.
Love is larger than addictions.
Love is priceless.
Love is complex.
Love will soften the hardest heart.
Love can not be resisted.
Love is in us to give.
Love never fails.
Love always always always wins.
Let us love one another.
May we see and love the gold in those around us, and be a people and a Nation building each other up. Loving and helping one another, bringing healing and restoration everywhere we go !