It’s Time for the Church to come out of their…

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It’s Time for the Church to come out of their Silos
Prophetic Encounter
December 31,2020
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
On the morning of December 31,2020, I woke up and was in prayer and heard the Lord say “It’s time for the church came out of their silos” and was taken into a vision.
I was shown a row of large silos like you would see on the prairie. These were the large steel silos that hold the harvest as it is brought in from the field.
What I was shown was that instead of going out and gathering the Harvest, bringing it into the silos, the Church had isolated itself in the silos, and essentially was ineffective in doing what the church is called to do, bring in the harvest. Not only were they ineffective, by isolating themselves in their silos they didn’t know what one another were doing. The communication between them was virtually nonexistent, and what was there was shallow at best, so it made it very difficult to get things done. They had been isolated from one another, and was largely ineffective as a body. Many were discouraged and feeling down and so left out. Unconnected. Others were looking for leaders to show them the way, and share what was going on and longing for information, insight and opportunity as to what they could do to help and how they fit in.
The Church is being called out of the silos to take in the Harvest.
It was clear call that it was time for the church to come out of these silos. As humility, transparency, authenticity, communication and love opened up there was a unity that started to flow out of the silos flowing out of the church with a renewed purpose being released and the church grew stronger and more effective as it came out of the silos.
I was then taken to a row of large underground missile silos. I watched as the doors covering them opened up one by one and revealed what looked like large nuclear missiles underground. These were big. They were powerful and were easily able to cover the nation, but also many that were Intercontinental.
I knew that some of these silos and warheads were the decrees, declarations and prayers that were being launched into enemy strongholds to take them down as the church came out of the silos and prayed, they launched these warheads into places that had to be taken out as the Holy Spirit lead.
There were other silos that were getting ready to launch warheads that were people from the church into strategic places that would also rapidly take-out enemy strongholds. I saw them being launched into strategic locations, some of which were the Mountains of Family, Government, Business, Media, Education, Arts & Entertainment and Religion.
There were young and old being launched,
There was “Fire in the hole!” The Launching was happening here and now. This was not a drill. The Holy Spirit Fire is all over these ones launching them into their destinies!