I am working on keeping my love on. I highly…

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I am working on keeping my love on.
I highly value and desire to be part of a community and family to have healthy relationships in my life. The importance of love, acceptance, honor, mutual respect, safety, trust, transparency, authenticity, truth and confidentiality is necessary and invaluable to each of us.
I desire to be a part of a people who endeavor to a cultivate a safe environment around us so we can be healthy and strong as individuals, families and communities so that when those that are hurting or struggling have a safe place to work it out with some loving help. No strings attached. No judgements attached. No agenda other than love and restoration. A place to help people become the best that they can be.
I desire to be part of a people of acceptance, forgiveness and restoration for when we blow it. A place where we pick one another up when we are down to help get us back on our feet as best as we can. A people looking for the gold in each other and bringing it out, especially when we can’t see it for ourselves in our pain, hurt and brokenness.
I want to be part of a community where rejection is simply overtaken by love.
I want to be part of a community where labels and titles are not as important as just being a loved child of God, accepted brothers and sisters all breaking bread together around the family table.
This is the kind of community and family that I want to be a part of cultivating and doing life together with.
Let’s pull a few more chairs up to the table…
With Love Barry