First Peoples of Canada Prayer & The Bitter Cup we…

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First Peoples of Canada Prayer
& The Bitter Cup we now share
January 13,2021
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
First Peoples of Canada have been controlled and suppressed by the Government here since day one.
Canada at large is now drinking from this same bitter bitter cup of control and oppression that the First Peoples have had to drink from for decades.
I pray that The Creator, in His Grace and Mercy would open the eyes and hearts of all of Canadas people to see and understand, that repentance, healing and unity would come to this great land.
We are called to take healing to the Nations, may it start here within Canada.
I pray that we as a people would honestly examine our own hearts, and come before the Creator and see the healing and transformation of this Land from sea to sea to sea.
I Bless the First Peoples and the First Nations of Canada. I pray for their Leaders, Elders, Chiefs and Councils and every member on or off reservations across Canada that they would be Blessed in their families, Blessed in their economies, Blessed in their health and wellness, that they would come into the full destiny of all that they are called to.
I declare and decree Justice and Righteousness and Love would prevail over them and drive out all evil intention, action, injustice against them.
We Decree and Declare Blessings over these Mighty First Nations in Canada. May the Love of God touch each one in a very real and tangible way and draw our hearts together as one.