Canadian Lifeboats are being Prepared Monday, February 21,2022 Prophetic Open…

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Canadian Lifeboats are being Prepared
Monday, February 21,2022
Prophetic Open Vision
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

I want to share that over a year ago I was taken into the Spirit in a Prophetic encounter where I was in Justin Trudeaus office.

He was working on some highly sensitive plans and even those close advisors did not know all that he was involved in.

I saw him meeting with a smaller elderly man, in a dim office, this guy was actually giving him the orders as to what he was to do or not to do and when to do it.
This man was George S.
Clearly it was George.
The plans with Klaus Schwab and the great set were well planned out for him and he was leading it here in Canada.

It is becoming obvious that this is exactly where we were and this was what was happening.

Trudeau and George S had a blue file folder – the Democratic Party of the USA. And they were clearly working together and involved in rolling out a very evil dark plan.

We are in an epic battle of Good vs Evil.
Truth be known this battle is one of global impact.

And on behalf of the Canadian Ecclesia, I decree and declare today that we will not relinquish.
We won’t retreat.
We will remain steadfast.
And we will battle to the end with all that is within us.

On behalf of the Canadian Ecclesia, I decree and declare that we are with you our brothers and sisters in the United States, Ukraine, Australia, Taiwan Europe, Asia, and furthermore all the Nations of the earth standing for truth righteousness and justice. We are contending with you for Global revival and harvest.

On February 21,2022 , I was taken into a vision where I saw the deck of a ship.

It was a big ship, and the passengers and crew were scurrying around in a bit of a panic.

It was very clear to me that this was our Canadian Parliament our federal Parliament buildings leaders and parties.

This big ship was now taking on the water way faster than what they thought it was.

As I saw them running around, they were preparing lifeboats, because they knew that this was not going to be able to sustain itself the way that it was.

There were some that seemed oblivious to what was going on, and some the thought that things could be resolved and that they could save the ship.

There was another group I’m going to say approximately 40% of them we’re looking for a way to safety.

Looking for a way out and we’re preparing to get on a lifeboat to save themselves and the Nation.

The movement that has begun across this nation of Canada, cannot and will not be stopped.

Political, Judicial, Police, Medical and Media Integrity and Trust has now been destroyed in the eyes most Canadians.

It is become very evident that no matter the color of the political party within this nation, they are all compromised.

And no matter what they shuffle and what people they try to put in a position within these parties they are still controlled by evil forces and global powers and principalities.

The game of charades is no clearer than ever to see.

However, there is hope within a remnant, and it will take supernatural discernment for people to see what is really going on.

God is making a path for Freedom, righteousness and justice in our land.

You will see the ongoing exposure within our federal government, every evil and demonic plotting plan exposed and revealed for what it is.

There are whistleblowers who have kept their powder dry for the right time to expose in truth some of the most hidden things and corruption within this nation.

We haven’t seen anything yet!

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch
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