Canada, The Church and the Titanic Prophetic Dream Encounter February…

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Canada, The Church and the Titanic
Prophetic Dream Encounter
February 17,2021
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
This morning I had a prophetic dream encounter where I was on the deck of the Titanic. The historic Cruise Ship.
There I was standing in the middle of chaos. The event that I found myself standing in the midst of was terrifying. Shear panic, fear, desperation saturated the air as people ran around screaming and crying out in utter pain. It was surreal. Men, women and children of all ages suddenly being awakened to the reality of what was going on, suddenly being faced with the reality that this great ship was going down, and the uncertainty as to who was going to make it out alive and who was not.
Mothers and Fathers clutching one another and their children with all that they had in them, the anguish of heart soul and spirit fully revealed, impossible to mask, impossible to hide.
Many were just shut down and in shock. They were now in a comatose state, unable to move. Frozen up in that painful moment.
Some were getting angry, fighting each other and furious at who was to blame. Fighting for survival, one over taking another to get ahead to survive.
It was heart wrenching watching the calmest of men driven to such lengths of raw behavior.
In the middle of the mob there was the ships stringed quartet playing as if nothing was wrong, dressed in tuxedoes and brave faces they played with a numbness knowing very well the tragedy at hand. They assumed the posture of a fake and false peace that all could see through. The pain evident in their eyes as they maintained their post as directed.
As word spread about the ship by word of mouth the rage increased, and emotions heightened. The announcements were not coming from the Captain and crew but by those that knew there was more going on than what they had been told. And people were enraged by the lack of Leadership and transparency with the crew and passengers. They were realizing that they had been and were being deceived. And now their lives were in danger.
I was then taken in the spirit to a room where I saw the Captain of this ship behind locked doors having a meltdown, a nervous breakdown. He had realized that there were many lives at stake, and he had neglected his responsibilities and was responsible for letting it get this far without doing something about it. He was visibly shaking, and afraid to face anyone in the condition that he was in. He knew he was done.
He thought he could just ride it out and it would pass without having to sound the alarm but had obviously miscalculated what was happening. He did not listen to the warnings and the advice he had been given.
The realization of his error in judgement would live with him for the rest of his days and the loss of many would be on his hands. He was a shell of a man in this moment. Facing the reality of his actions in real time. Painful. Real time. It was too late for him as his credibility was now lost. And he had lost his authority to lead. It was so very heartbreaking to see that it had come to this, when it could have been avoided.
I was then taken to the helm of the ship, where there were men and women ready at their posts waiting for commands, leadership and instruction as to what they should do. But that instruction never came.
They tried as best as they knew how to deal with the tragedy at hand with what they had to work with.
It was at that moment far too little, far too late. They had been put in an unfair position to deal with what was happening. The costs were going to be high. The collateral damage devastating. It would take decades to heal and recover.
On the main deck, natural leaders emerged. They had courage, resolve and passion to help where they could. They saved many lives with what they had to work with. It was these lower ranks and even those passengers that stood up in the moment of crises to work together to save as many as they could against impossible odds.
As I watched this play out in front of me, I knew this was more than the Titanic, but it was where the Church in Canada was at right now. The Church was largely unprepared for what was happening, and the scramble was now on to try to get it together to make it through. There were many places where mistakes had been made, assumptions had been taken, where pride was evident where responsibilities were abdicated that had to be faced and resolved.
There were multiple sides and consequences to what we have hit right now and the catastrophic issues that we are now facing as a Nation. There are millions in Canada that have felt the impact of this already and they need help. They need answers, they need hope. They need help.
Now is the time for prayer and fasting as there is a major awaking and shift coming for Canada.
It is with certainty that we will see unprecedented change in our Nation if the Ecclesia stands up and takes its place. We will see signs wonders and miracles as the Holy Spirit pours out upon this hurting Nation.
Now is the time for the Ecclesia to rise and take it stand.