Canada, Navigating the Storm Prophetic Dream January 3, 2021 Respectfully…

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Canada, Navigating the Storm
Prophetic Dream
January 3, 2021
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
Early in the morning January 3rd I had a dream where I was on a Canadian coastline that had very rugged terrain, large boulders and rocks lining the shore, this was rugged rough. There were heavy clouds and heavy winds blowing, the waves were big, rough and choppy and the strong gale force wind was whipping the mist of the waves and rain onto the rocks and shore line.
This in fact was most certainly a significant storm rolling in.
I then saw a large excavator / trackhoe come and in one giant scoop the excavator cut a hole into the shore, it was the perfect cut, right on grade and elevation, for a new foundation. I then watched a lighthouse pre-built, foundation and all come out of the Wind and watched it get perfectly seated in that new hole ! It was planted perfectly in the hole that was excavated for it.
It was a large lighthouse and was one of many that were currently being installed on the coastlines of Canada.
I believe what is happening right now in our country is that there is a new establishment of a new kind of leader emerging out of the institutional Church as we have known it. What I saw were vessels on the water where their captains were in treacherous waters, they were trying to steer their vessels clear of any danger as they were approaching shore, they needed help to navigate to know where they were and what direction they were to be taking through the storm that raged. This was a rapid deployment and installation that was happening across the coastlines of Canada, not one inch was going to be overlooked. Canada, The Father is ensuring the safety and navigation to the captain’s responsible for those vessels and all on board.