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***September 4, 2023***

Prophetic Dream, Canada Forged in the Fire
November 1, 2019
Respectfully Submitted Barry Wunsch

We are entering into a moment in history that Canada as we have known it is about to change. A new Nation is about to be birthed.

It is coming in a way that is not the way that we have anticipated it.

Get ready Canada. History is being written right here – right now.

The Father is taking us out of Babylon into His Kingdom ways.

Your eyes are about to be opened – ready or not. It is coming.
Now is the time to turn to the Father like never before.
He is bringing us out of captivity.
Let he who has ears to hear, let him hear!
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch
September 4, 2023

Canada Forged in Fire
I had a dream where the Lord took me into a Blacksmith shop.
As I looked around the blacksmith shop, I was standing behind the Blacksmith who I recognized as the Lord. He was larger than I had expected and was getting to work. He was wearing a heavy leather apron, and gloves. The shop was clean and tidy, bright and open air. It had a warmth to it with the wood finishes and structure.
The forge was burning red hot and ready to go. He had three pieces of steel, each about 6 feet long and about a foot wide. He took them and carefully aligned them just right, stacked each on top of each other to get started.
I knew by the Spirit that the middle piece of steel was Canadas First Nations, and I also knew that the other two pieces were Western Canada, and Eastern Canada respectfully.
When the Lord (the Blacksmith) had them lined up just right, he placed them into the hot fire of the forge. He let them get up to the right temperature and brought them onto the anvil to start the process.
He was very focused and methodical as He began to hammer and forge the three pieces into one. He was not rushed or upset, He was not frustrated, He had a plan and He knew what He was doing.
With each strike on the anvil, sparks would fly. He patiently worked it, with each strike forming and forging the three pieces into one. The First Nations, Western Canada and Eastern Canada, were we have been divided, He was forging us into one. Where we had issues, He was softening us to work together.
He would return it into the fire and forge again and again to get it hot enough, so it was mailable enough to work with it and ensure that the bonding between the three pieces was going to be assured. The heat from the fire would deal with the matters of our hearts, offences, judgements, wrong doings, unforgiveness, betrayals, hurts and pain and everything in between. There was nothing that was not going to be addressed once and for all. This was bigger than the issues of individual groups, He was using it all to forge us through the issues into one. A true unity being forged through the fire.
As He worked on it, I was not sure what He was forging, then, suddenly, it was clear to me that this was taking the shape of a sword. The Unified First Nations with Western and Eastern Canada forged into one.
After He had it in the shape, and form that He wanted, He took the hot sword and immersed it into a big barrel of oil. As the sword hit the oil, it foamed and overflowed from the barrel all over the place. I knew that this was what would temper the steel to maintain the sharp edge on it, as well as it would be strong enough to break things apart when used to strike things. This was an important step in the process. To have this process bathed in the Oil of the Holy Spirt, and anointing was imperative to have this turn out with the strength and unity that we need and will need as we move forward together into Canadas destiny.
It was at this point that he took out a very coarse sandy type paste compound and started to rub the blade, after some time, he went to a finer grit, and finer yet and even finer yet. After some time and lots of rubbing and polishing it soon had a mirror finish. A perfect mirror finish it was. This process took some time as He worked on us, His loving touch working on our blemishes, insecurities, fears, selfishness and all matters brokenness. This process ultimately was turning us into a reflection of the Creator for the World, the Nations to see.
The sword had a special handle and grip on it, that when used there would be no painful vibration through to the one using it. There would be a supernatural grace upon Canada to carry out the Kingdom strikes that He has called us to fulfill our destiny as a Nation.
As he was finishing it up, He flipped it over and stamped above the handle the name CANADA with a Maple Leaf stamped above it. I knew at that moment I was looking at the purpose and Destiny of our Nation.
When He had completed it, He handed it to a man, who was dressed in a modest outfit, a Knights hooded cloak, the hood was pulled down resting on his shoulders. As I looked at the man, he was more than just a man. What I saw was each, and every Canadian wrapped into the body of one man. Every ethnic group. Every nationality. Every political stripe and color. The young and the old. Every Canadian from the east to the west. We were all wrapped up into one unified body. As he received the sword and help it up in front of him, head bowed, and as he raised his head, he could see his reflection in the mirror finish of the blade.
I saw that this united body, had such humility, strength, meekness, self- control, compassion and Love. It was second to none. He would not swing the Sword upon his own volition but would only swing it when the Lord of Hosts gave orders to do so. The obedience was extremely evident. The stage was set, the work was done, and the commissioning was at hand. Canada was prepared to fulfill her God given Destiny.
Holy is the word of the Lord
God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Barry Wunsch
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