Canada Counter Strike Search & Rescue Prophetic Word for Calgary…

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Canada Counter Strike Search & Rescue
Prophetic Word for Calgary & Alberta & Canada
March 10.2021
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
This word came to me in a series of open visions from March 4 to March 10, 2021 as I was preparing for a meeting in Calgary Alberta.
I was not looking for anything, I was going through my normal days, and by grace Holy Spirit opened screens in the spirit for me to watch these things unfold as clearly as you would watch a television and tied them all together. He took me in and showed me what is going on. I have even been able to “step” into these living screens, visions as if stepping through a window, move around and see what is going on since a 50 day fast in 2018 when He came on me in a powerful way.
I am not going to embellish or add anything more to what the Lord has shown me through these.
The Lord set me up to release this word in Calgary March 10,2021.
It was a strategic assignment for Canada and Calgary and Alberta.
What absolutely wrecked me was that as I found out after I shared that this church had a large number of youths that had been rescued from Human Trafficking and Sexual Trafficking right in Calgary.
These were the most precious kids that you will ever find. God is restoring and healing and raising them up as mighty ones!
The Lord is raising up a generation of powerful Youth across Canada for Revival!
I would encourage you to watch the full message that I was able to share from Steinbach Manitoba this March 15, 2021. I share in more detail regarding all of this. I warn you; you may need some Kleenex.
There is also a Prophetic Word for Manitoba that The Lord gave me that I released during this message.
Link to message
The message starts at 10 minutes in:
I would also encourage you to consider offering support for this beautiful group of people that are involved in Rescuing Human and Sex trafficked kids. If you are interested let me know and I will share further details as to how you can offer your support.
With Love, Respectfully
Calgary /Alberta / Canada Open Visions
The first thing that I was seeing was a dark spirit large standing over Calgary.
It was very stocky, muscular man like beast, reminded me of something you would see out of an Avenger movie. It was standing downtown; the buildings were now empty. The high-rises came up just above its knees.
This was most certainly a strongman. And it was demonically assigned to control this region. It had on a white UN, United Nations helmet.
It had smaller ground troops it was deploying to different sectors of the city working on hitting specific targets.
Then I clearly saw that this dark strongman had marionette puppets on strings that it was working with.
It would pick one up for a while and use it as needed and then put it down only to pick up another one from another sector to use it for a while in that sector.
These puppets were leaders from the region.
The first puppet I saw Calgarys Mayor. He danced freely and willing enthusiasm, the puppeteer hardly had to “work” him.
I saw puppets that were federal leaders, they danced, but with a hidden reluctance, less enthusiastic, like a teenager reluctantly dragging their feet in obedience.
I saw puppets of provincial leaders. Some moved more freely than others.
Then I watched as I saw this strongman try to puppet control and manipulate our Provincial Premier from Calgary. He was fighting the puppet strings. They were in a tangled mess. He was in a tug of war with the strongman that was trying to control him and he did not want to be controlled and he was trying to fight back but it was difficult by himself. He needed to be cut free. He was trapped and this was not what he expected. He needed help to be cut free to untangle the mess.
Some of the puppets wore coats made of flags from around the world that were new to the region.
I saw the media puppets more than willing to do that they were asked to do by this strongman.
I saw banks and financial institutions as puppets.
I saw evil activist / lobby groups as puppets.
I even saw some churches being used as puppets.
I saw Hospitals being controlled and used as puppets.
I was then taken up in a satellite over Canada and I saw that there were many more UN Strongmen assigned to and standing over several other cities in Canada. They were the same as the one in Calgary and they were doing the same thing in each of the regions they were assigned to.
I saw strongmen assigned and standing in and over Vancouver, Vernon, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and several other cities in lower Ontario, Montreal, and a few others in southern Quebec. I did not notice any in Atlantic Canada.
I knew these were “sanctuary cities” set up by the enemy.
I saw bunkers where there were righteous leaders hidden away working on plans and strategy, drinking lots of coffee through long days and nights pouring over plans. They were on their knees and they were praying and looking for wisdom and strategies to take these strongmen out and restore freedom and truth over Canada.
Those that were bold and courageous to stand up and take a position for truth and righteousness were given a covering that that could do what they had to do with discretion and sovereign protection.
There were working with intel on the Giant and the puppets and the vulnerable spots in their plans so they could us the resources that they had to take it down.
The righteous had endless resources available to get it done.
I then saw communication towers being set up by the righteous, I could see the signals and the data and frequencies that were encrypted and coded in a whole new language I had never seen before. It was precise as a laser and could pierce the most hardened receiver. I saw this encryption message moving through the air bringing truth.
As they broadcast from these towers specific targets that had been set. Regions and areas, specific ridings, specific targets, ethnic groups, specific targets, one by one, family by family and community after community began to come to life.
Blinders came off.
Understanding and revelation now was evident, and salvations and freedom began to flow!
As they came to life a reformation and revival began to spread and multiply 2 turned to 6, 6 to 20, 20 to 80 and 80 to hundreds and hundreds to thousands and thousands to tens of thousands, Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It did not take long until there was a majority that had salvation and truth.
I watched as Restoration and Revival swept throughout Canada!
May the Army of God Arise and take its place in Canada and in the Nations to bring Truth, Justice and Righteousness and Healing to the Nations.