Canada a Pivotal End is Coming! Prophetic Encounter January 13,…

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Canada a Pivotal End is Coming!
Prophetic Encounter
January 13, 2021
Respectfully submitted
Barry Wunsch
I had a Prophetic Encounter with the Lord this evening while in Prayer that I am to release for Canada at this time. He spoke to me like he has never done so before.
There was a soberness, and seriousness that is gripping me and likely will for some time. When He takes me to these places it is impossible to take them lightly.
So I share it out of obedience, exactly as I saw it, and as to what I was shown. I respectfully submit it today and ask you to take it and weigh it prayerfully before the The Lord.
It is with fear of the Lord and trembling that I share this at this time.
I pray that Holy Spirit would illuminate what is clearly of Him, and what is not for this Nation of Canada.
To whom has ears let him hear.
As I was in prayer tonight, The Lord took me into a briefing with Him.
The next thing I knew I was face to face looking at Justin Trudeau. We were close enough I did not see his full body just from his chest and up as you would see in a portrait.
I then saw Justin sit down at his desk, and as he did, he was very careful to be by himself at that moment so that no one would see what he was looking at and working on. Even his closest advisors and security detail were not with him, nor were they all aware of what he was doing.
I saw two folders on his desk that he was going to be looking at and reviewing, for he had some decisions that he was going to have to make regarding these files. The first folder was a red folder which I immediately knew related to the CCP.
The second folder that I saw was a dark blue folder that clearly represented the Democrats from the USA.
The first file that he opened up was the red one. The first thing that I saw was a letter with instructions as to next steps that he was to take and implement. Behind the cover letter there was a map of Canada where there were areas that were highlighted into which he was instructed to open up gates of access to them for their purposes. There was no resistance in him at all, in fact he appeared to see it as his duty and responsibility to turn Canada over into another regime and ideology.
I was waiting and waiting for him to open up the Dark Blue file. As it turned out the blue file remained on his desk and he did not open it. It had seemed that there had been a change in events that did not play out as he had expected and henceforth the file remained closed at this point in time.
The next thing I was shown was an older man I’m going to say in his 80s, midsized and heavier set he was sitting in a seat at a distance from Justin in a dimly lit office. He was giving Justin instructions as to the changes in the game plan moving forward because of the events that had taken place were not what they had anticipated. So they ended up having to modify the plans that they had for the time being to move forward as rapidly as possible.
The next thing that I saw were beautiful clear blue skies and all of a sudden a barrage of low flying fighter jets passed over my head with a great roar. Some of these Fighters were Canadian and some were American. They were in stealth mode and my impression was that in fact the Canadians were flying undercover within their very own country.
They were heavily armed and the armaments they carried were missiles, and each one had the word “TRUTH” written upon them. These were missiles that were about to be launched and dropped into the exact precise locations at the exact right time.
The next thing I saw was a city in the heart of Canada that had just experienced a mother of all bombs. The explosion was immense, equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the largest of scales. The blast was so powerful that it latterly reached from coast to coast. The shock wave moved rapidly across Canada, clearly nothing could stand up against such a force of this magnitude that did not have a place of protection.
The next thing I saw was a man running out of his house into the street, I quickly realized that not only was he running out of his house but the whole city was, in fact all of Canada was running out onto the streets to see what was left after all was rocked by the impact.
The war suddenly over.
There was a tangible peace that was thick in the atmosphere it was surreal.
It was clear the enemy had been taken out.
Everyone was free to come out of confinement once and for all.
Truth had exposed every lie.
The scales were removed from Canadas eyes. And everyone knew it.
It was if all mind control was cut off.
Every negative frequency was now silent.
All animosity was gone. All fear was gone. All worry was gone. All corrupt control was gone. It was time to celebrate ! It was time to heal ! It was time to rebuild ! Not one individual, family or community would be the same.
Life was never going to be the same ever again.
Life was going to be incredibly better than it had ever been.
Respectfully submitted
Barry Wunsch