As goes in the church so goes the world. Prophetic…

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As goes in the church so goes the world.
Prophetic Word, 02.23.2022
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch

Barry this is not an easy word to bring but bring it you must.

I saw church facades like movie sets,
Nothing behind the façade.

Barry, tell my people, that I am going to shake my church.

Why should you be surprised at what happening in the Nations.

Don’t you perceive it?

Can your eyes not pick it up?

Does not your heart burn with in you?

For I say unto you – as goes in the church so goes the world!

You have seen the innocent trampled!

You have seen the bold oppressed!

You have seen my body beaten, oppressed and restricted.

You have seen the peaceful ones walking in truth righteousness and
justice shut down by those wielding power – unrighteousness power at that – stopping my body from progressing.

You have seen those serving and dancing, young and old pushed back and shut down!

Restricted. Controlled.

For there are insecure, seemingly powerful leaders using witchcraft to control my body.

Forms, ways and means of manipulation and control far from me.

But not for much longer!

For there are leaders in my body that are being exposed.

For unto them shall come a great consequence.

They have walked outside of my love.

They have walked in jealousy.

Using words, deeds and actions to hurt one another, control and manipulate.

I am going to make it clear.

I am going to make it obvious.

All the world will be able to see.

Those who have beaten down others, who have walked in arrogance and pride, who have selfish ambition, who have been show boating, who have walking in false humility – shall be humbled.

They have taken gifts that I have bestowed upon them to use them for prideful selfish gain.

They have become too big in their eyes, and it has become beneath them to humble themselves to serve as they were anointed and called.

I am going to cut away from them what was once theirs.

I am going to dry up every unclean well from which they drink.

They have squandered what I have given them and hardened their hearts to a place where they are now having to perform on their own with no or little power.

For just as I am releasing mantles in this hour, I am removing mantels in this hour.

For there are those who have blood on their hands, and have hurt many of my little lambs.

You know who you are, for I am burning in you even now and you want to swing back to defend your actions in order to justify yourself.

There are many buildings that shall sit empty for they have become idols to you, and you have lost your way and your first love.

Your meetings will be dry as you try to do them on your own.

You cannot be backstabbing one moment and expecting blessing the next.
It must stop.

There is no power in that!

I have called you to be a people of love and honor, bringing healing to the land.

I say unto you again that they shall know you by my love for one another!

I have said unto you- love one another.

Be one as I am one with the Father!

For there is no greater love than to lay down your life for your brother or your sister.

Do not misunderstand me, let me make it clear – those who are not in the light and are not walking in the light are not of me.

It does not matter the diploma they have on the wall, or how much of the word they have in them if they use that sword on one another, they are not of me!

You can go through the motions,

Blow the shofar for all to see, you can do everything that seems right but if you don’t do it out of my love it is empty and powerless.

For I am looking for a people, every tribe and nation to walk in abandoned love.

For I am a good Father, and there times of correction for my children, for otherwise you would be illegitimate.

For no correction seems pleasant at the time. But in the end yields a harvest of righteousness.

Be sure that I will not share my glory with another. You are mistaken if you do.

So, as I shake- shake-shake and sift your hearts, rest assured it is for your good.

For yes, I am moving across the Nations, and I am raising up a beautiful pure bride without spot or wrinkle.

And yes, I am knitting us together as one.

So, surrender unto me this day, every offense, every motive that is not based in my love.

Lay down your swords against one another.

Come unto me in this day and let me heal and restore all the enemy meant for evil and to disempower you.

Surrender unto me and let me fill you and refresh you again and bring you back under my first love that you may find yourselves once again fulfilling the destiny in the call and I’ve got upon your life.
Holy is the word of the Lord.
God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch
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