Alberta Your Oil Shall Flow / Alberta / Canadas Destinies…

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Alberta Your Oil Shall Flow / Alberta / Canadas Destinies Fulfilled
Prophetic Dream
January 20, 3:20 am
Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
I woke up this morning and I saw a map of the Alberta Capital Region that reached from north of Edmonton down south through Leduc and from Drayton Valley in the west to Hardesty in the east.
As my eyes swept across this region the hi-ways, streets and roads were deserted. Buildings and industrial yards were deserted sitting vacant and empty. Others were full of parked equipment that should have been out and working. The Region was in major significant lockdown. Things looked and felt gloomy, heavy, depressed hopeless and barren. All hope had been extracted, little by little until virtually nothing was left. What had one been a vibrant, bustling region was in the lowest point in it’s history.
I was then taken in the spirit to the Alberta Legislative Building in Edmonton.
I found myself standing down in the river valley looking up at the Alberta Legislative Building and saw that the wind was blowing violently from the East to the West. This was a strong violent wind blowing across the land and was pelting the land, the city, the region with wave after wave of powerful destructive winds. it was bringing major collateral damage to the region with each new gust that was directed to the west.
The Legislative Building and Government structures were shaking, windows were rattling it was feeling the power and strength in this enormous wind storm. The place where I was standing watching this fierce storm was actually where the Alberta Treasury Board and Finance buildings stand.
The wind that I was watching was the most violent I had ever seen and they raged against this region relentlessly. It had brought with it the most significant shutdown this Region has that ever seen. This wind was dark, it was cold and harsh.
This wind was clearly from the enemy and I knew that its main objective was to bring massive control and destruction unto the region. It’s intentions were to impede, shut down and stop Alberta and the call and the destiny that is upon Alberta, and furthermore, Canadas call and destiny as a Nation at any cost. The enemy knew that the oil was too flow from this region, both spiritually and naturally to fulfil the destiny of Alberta and Canada to the Nations. It was no holds barred attack, and the enemy was doing all that he could to shut this Destiny down once and for all by whatever means possible.
It was then that I was again taken by the spirit to a higher place over the Region were I watched as the wind suddenly changed directions.
But it was now The Holy Spirit Wind blowing more powerfully from the West to the East across the land. The Wind of the Spirit made the enemies little wind look like a small draft. It didn’t stand a chance against the Power of the Holy Spirit.
I was taken to the very West boundary of the Alberta Capital Region. There was a protective self adhesive plastic film that had been placed over the region across the land. This film was clear, and very sticky and had bonded to the ground and was very hard to remove.
I watched as this Holy Spirit Wind increased and blew across the land, it was so powerful that it was not long before it started to lift up and peel this film off of the region from the Alberta Capital Region Western Edge.
The stronger the wind blew the faster and the quicker it began to lift off soon easily lifting and peeling away of the land.
What the enemy had put in place to seal off the Region and prevent resources to flow was being exposed, and removed. What was intended to lock down and control the Region was being lifted by the Power and Might of the Holy Spirit !
I was again taken by the spirit back to the Alberta Capital Legislative Building in Edmonton. This enemy covering was vacuum sealed around those government buildings to control and suppress the Destiny of this Region, and because of the architectural design complexity of these structures this covering was a lot more difficult to peel off and remove to expose and release the enemies control over the Region from the highest levels.
It was then when I saw two large Angels fly into and over the Alberta Legislature Building. The Angles were as clear as glass, crystal clear. They were pure, and transparent full of power, they sparkled as flashes of light gleamed and glistened off of the reflection on their wings and bodys.
They were clearly on assignment. They carried large swords in their hands and knew how to use them with accuracy. They were razor sharp and highly polished silver that gleamed as they used them with surgical accuracy.
The Angels swiftly and easily punctured a hole through this film that vacuum sealed this Government Building, they cut here, and they cut there in the exact places that once it had been cut, it allowed them to easily peel it off this enemy covering.
It did not take them long to get it done, but they did not stop there. They went on to peel back and remove this enemy covering from the City of Edmonton at large. They started downtown and worked their way out from there until the whole city was released. These Angles made it look easy.
The Holy Spirit continued to blow across the Region and it did not take long for this covering to be completely removed from the Alberta Capital region right to Hadisty.
My attention was drawn to the land and what had just happened in front of my eyes. This enemy film was so sticky and had bonded to the land so hard and so long that as it was removed from the land it peeled open the land and revealed new wells, it revealed old wells that still had life in them, it opened other mines and resources that had been missed or overlooked, and what once did not seem possible, was now being released for this time as it was going to fulfil the Destiny of Alberta and Canada as a Nation. What the enemy had planned to conceal was now the very thing that was used to expose and open up resources beyond measure!
As the Holy Spirit blew and removed this sticky film from the land not only did it reveal those resources it also cleansed the land. As it was peeled off, it also took with it years and years, I would say decades of debris, defilement, corruption, filth, and wickedness of all manor. All of it now gone. There was a clean slate. A fresh start.
This was the real reset that the Region had been looking for.
It is here and it is coming.
Albertas Destiny shall not be stolen!
Canadas Destiny shall not be stolen!