A Prophetic Encounter The Lord is Roaring over Nations Respectfully…

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A Prophetic Encounter
The Lord is Roaring over Nations
Respectfully Submitted by Barry Wunsch
The Lord is coming like we have never know Him.
We thought that we knew Him, but we are going to get to know Him in a new way.
The Lord took me into a supernatural 50 Day Fast in early 2019.
At 40 days, he invited me to go a few more days. It was then that He woke me early one morning. He took me into an open vision where I saw Jesus face to face. As I looked at Him, my view changed, and His face was actually a picture I was looking at.
The picture then changed before my eyes to another picture of how people saw Him from India, then it changed again to how He has been seen in Africa, then I saw Him in Russia, then the Ukraine, Germany, the pictures changed so fast as He took me around the world seeing Him as People saw Him and knew Him, Nation after Nation after Nation. It was incredible, and I know my words cannot fully express it in its fullness.
Then, the last image I saw, was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
This Magnificent Majestic Lion.
He said to me” My People think that they know who I am, but they don’t fully know me and I am going to Reveal myself like they have never seen me before”
I believe that we are coming into these very days. And I pray that we come to know Him an see Him as The Lion of the Tribe of Judah Roars over our Nations.
He is calling us in deeper than ever.
Time to get ready…
Submitted with Love.